What is the point of Poodles?

One of the most popular dog breeds in the world for ownership is the Poodle. No one is totally sure as to where the breed comes from with some debate being that it comes from Germany where it was used as a water dog or from the French barbet breed. There are three types: standard, toy and miniature. They are very intelligent dogs, just behind the Border Collie and they are pretty good at doing the usual dog activities.They have cracking agility, are extremely good at obedience tests, they can track, herd even and have been gainfully employed in Circuses for years.  Apart from all that they make excellent assistance dogs for people with disabilities.

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These clever poochs deserve the best and a selection of  Designer Dog Collars should certainly be an option for them. To show how successful the Poodle has been they have won the “best in show” at Crufts more than any other Dog breed.

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The breed has extremely fluffy fur which is very water resistance. This is the reason that they were used as water and gun dogs primarily to recover waterfowl that had landed in the lake. It does mean that their hair is cut into quite unusual styles.

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