Who has visited your profile on Facebook?

Many would like to know who went to see her Facebook profile, and that is why there are many applications and groups who claim to know the recipe. But is it possible to know who visit our profile?

You Can Know Who visited my Facebook profile?

Facebook every day we see some messages on the wall of friends who supposedly found the impossible, magical solution we are all waiting, an application to see who visited your profile on Facebook.

FacebookThis clearly would love to much of the users of this social network to know how many and who visit your profile, and it can realize given the regularity with which we find these messages on the wall, or when we see the large number of followers with some groups who claim to have found the solution. But you can see who visit our profile on Facebook?

The answer is a resounding NO, because Facebook has blocked this possibility for privacy. This says clearly in its help page:

Official response from Facebook

Can other people know when I see their profiles?

Currently, Facebook does not provide any application that allows users to track profile views or statistics about viewing specific content” … “Applications CAN NOT track visits to profiles of users simply visit the profile of another person. Facebook has been commissioned to do this technically impossible.”

False applications to see who has visited you

While it is not possible to know who is visiting your profile, if possible find applications that track the actions of each user, and thus determine who frequently visited your profile. But it is not simple to count visits, but to make a statistic of those who write on your wall, click on “like”, you send touch, etc. That is, interactions, not visits.

So if there is no possibility of see who has visited your profile. Why are there so many groups, applications and websites do they say?

Simply to deceive unbelievers and accumulate private data, such as email, phone and any information you may have left in your profile. So, if you’ve already added to any of these applications, do not be surprised that from that moment begins to flood your spam account.

Do not be fooled, it is not possible to see who visits your profile … and it is dangerous to give our data to any application that promises to show us who have visited us, as well as joining groups say have the magic recipe. Not visit websites that promise this, as are all deceptions.

Know who has visited your profile is not possible, at least until Facebook changes its privacy policy, and that certainly does not happen because this network is continually being targeted by accusations by the actual use made ​​of our data.

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