Why employee recognition will prove beneficial and how to achieve it

Employers and managers that are not aware of employee recognition techniques and don’t use them in their work environments, may be wondering why their staff aren’t fully engaged and committed to their work. When hard work goes invalidated and unappreciated, standards will quickly begin to decline. The benefits that can be gained by using some simple staff recognition techniques are numerous and plentiful, and can be enjoyed on both a short and a long-term basis. Managers and employers who are not already aware, here are a few examples of some of the benefits that you can expect to reap.

Consistent hard work

When hard work goes recognised and appreciated it motivates us to keep it up and to continue to work hard. This is the primary type of behaviour that we can hope for from our employees, so when it is given, it must be recognised and valued. Another benefit that this will provide is that it will set an example to everyone else. When they can see how much hard work is appreciated, they are more likely to deliver it as well.

Employee retention and loyalty

When employees are aware that they are appreciated and considered to be a valuable member of the team, you are more likely to create a loyal workforce. This is beneficial as a high rate of turn over is costly to all businesses as the training and time it takes to find replacements all takes time and money. Use employee recognition techniques and you are more likely to experience employee retention.

Better relationships and bonded teams

When employees form strong relationships with one another, they not only become loyal to the company but also to each other, which in turn makes the team as a whole more motivated to work well together. Some employee recognition programs are designed to praise and reward entire teams and this form of group recognition is excellent for creating a good atmosphere and happy feeling at the workplace.

Improved performance

Of course the greatest benefit of all to creating a happier workforce made up of individuals being recognised and appreciated for their hard work, is improved performance. This means better results, increased productivity and most importantly an increase in profits.

How to implement it

The best way to design and implement plans and techniques is with some help from professional service providers. Specialists in behavioural economics work with businesses of all natures and sizes on a daily basis and they will be able to advise you on the techniques that are most likely to be effective for your own setting and situation.

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