Wild, wakey, weird and wonderful ways to get married

When thinking about tying the knot and getting married most couples think of a traditional Wedding ceremony, in a Church with Family and friends there to witness their happy day.  However, there is a growing trend with younger couples to think “Outside of the box” and they choose to have a ceremony that’s Wild, Wakey, Weird and Wonderful all at the same time.  How about groom Prasit Rangsiyawong and bride Varuttaon Rangsiyawong from Thailand who decided to hang together harnessed to a wire suspended high in the sky, while their family and friends watched from the ground way below them.  Then we discover groom Noah Fulmore and his bride Erin Finnegan who got married in the first weightless wedding aboard a specially equipped Boeing 727 while they were flying over the Gulf of Mexico.

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Do you Love Christmas? Then our next couple bride Sine Anderson and groom Rune Jamrath will prove that you can get married and celebrate Christmas all at the same time.  This crazy couple got hitched at the World Santa Claus Congress at an amusement park north of Copenhagen. They dressed in red and white with Rune wearing a big red tie, red dungarees and a red silk head scarf while Sine wore a beautiful full length red dress complete with long red veil. Even here in England the wild ideas are becoming more and more popular, in Carnglaze in Cornwall you can get married in a cave!  Finding the ideal wedding venue when you decide to do something untraditional is a matter of personal choice and the amount of money you can afford to spend.  If you want something lavish and have no budget restrictions, then how about Castell Coch in Wales?  This Gothic revival castle is surrounded by magnificent woodlands, has a lavish, colourful interior and definitely has a fairy-tale setting.

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How about a beautiful beach setting, the golden sand under your feet, the blue sea and gentle waves lapping onto the shore?  Bournemouth Beach could offer any couple looking for this type of venue the ideal answer.  With your Bournemouth Wedding Photographer attending your special day you can guarantee a lifetime of memories from the photos or video that your chosen photographer will take.  Why not take a look at Award Winning Nick Rutter Wedding Photographer as an option for your wedding photography requirements?  With an open-air ceremony or a marquee set up on the beach you don’t need to worry about a change in the British weather.  Imagine champagne, canape’s, a stylish buffet or fish and chips, your wedding day can be whatever you choose to make it.  Go Wild, Weird or Wakey but make sure you have a Wonderful day whatever you decide to do as an option for your Wedding ceremony.

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