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10 smoothie recipes that you can drink at night

There are some ingredients that exert powerful effects on your metabolism if you combine them in the right way. If at night you do not know what to eat, you may want to prepare one of these 10 nutritious smoothie recipes for dinner:

The best smoothie recipes for dinner

1. Melon and mint smoothiesmoothie recipes

All the ingredients of this recipe have diuretic and digestive powers, which is why it is excellent to reduce the body’s inflammation and create a sensation of lightness.

2. Strawberry and banana smoothiesmoothie recipes

This smoothie is an excellent option to not leave home without breakfast, it is also delicious.

3. Banana smoothie, ultra creamy!smoothie recipes

On this occasion, we share a “miracle marvelous” banana based, which will help you lose weight and nourish your body.

4. Papaya and blackberry liqueursmoothie recipes

Do you feel that your body takes a long time to wake up in the morning, all the time you are heavy and swollen and do not even want to be fed? Try this papaya smoothie with blackberries to boost your metabolism and start the day off on the right foot.

5. Cactus liquorsmoothie recipes

The cactus is an important source of digestive fiber and natural gums that help intestinal cleansing, the elimination of fat and reduce constipation, so it is essential to include this food in our basic diet.

6. Papaya and oat liqueursmoothie recipes

We share this papaya smoothie to lose weight and detoxify the body.

7. Banana and cinnamon smoothiesmoothie recipes

Our bad habits can cause us to have insomnia and, therefore, serious health problems. If you drink this banana smoothie with cinnamon one hour before going to bed, you will not have to count sheep to sleep.

8. Liquefied almonds and strawberriessmoothie recipes

If you are looking to increase the size of your butt, this smoothie is perfect to increase the muscle mass of the buttocks and will help you achieve that goal and feel satisfied.

9. Chocolate and raspberry smoothiessmoothie recipes

This smoothie offers you a dietary fiber content that covers 13% of the ideal amount suggested per day.

10. Liquefied chocomentasmoothie recipes

Try this low-calorie chocomenta malty. You will be surprised how rich it is, so much, that you will not feel that you are taking care of yourself.

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