10 ways to create an effective website

Make sure that your website stands out from the competition with the help of the following 10 suggestions:

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1 Make it mobile friendly

According to Business News Daily, a mobile-friendly website is absolutely crucial to success nowadays.

2 Intuitive navigation

Don’t make web visitors hunt for the information or products that they’re looking for. Well-thought out menus and a highly visible search box are important elements of an effective website.

3 Uncluttered design

Cluttering up a web page with text and images won’t convince prospective buyers to make a purchase. Less is more in web design, so let your core message sing out, with plenty of white space to keep visitors focussed.

4 Speed is everything

Fast-loading web pages are crucial, as pages taking longer than a couple of seconds to display will result in high bounce rates. A good web designer will ensure pages load quickly as a matter of course, so call in the experts if your site isn’t lightning fast already. If you’re looking for a website design company Gloucester makes a good starting point, with https://www.net9design.com offering a range of services designed to make websites more attractive to keen and motivated buyers.

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5 Show your face

Web visitors like to know the faces behind the brands, so a well-crafted ‘About Us’ page, complete with photographs, goes a long way towards encouraging goodwill.

6 Keep it simple

Just because loads of apps, plug-ins and add-ons are available, it doesn’t mean that you have to include them all. In particular, avoid visitor counters, as they always look amateurish and create a poor first impression of your business.

7 Include CTAs

Prominent Calls To Action should feature on every page of your website, encouraging visitors to make a purchase, download a white paper, or subscribe to a newsletter. Seize every available opportunity to close the deal.

8 Avoid errors

Typos, spelling mistakes and incorrect or outdated information all conspire to give visitors the impression that your business isn’t professional. Proofread everything, and double-check prices, facts and figures.

9 Make it easy to find

A good choice of domain name, combined with effective SEO, will raise your website’s profile.

10 Keep it legitimate

Black hat SEO techniques may achieve excellent results initially, but eventually your site will be marked down, so choose white hat techniques from the outset.

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