The 11 best comedies and laugh movies in history

We rescue some of the best comedies and laugh movies in the history of cinema so you can savor them and benefit from the best medicine: laugh out loud, it’s free! Here you have up to 11 humor movies to enjoy.

Charles Chaplin became famous for saying that “a day without laughter is a lost day”  and as it does not lack reason, in TICbeat we want to pay homage to those cinematographic comedies that take years, and even decades, shining in the firmament of the seventh art as luxury guests or small jewels that shine again with each viewing.

Within the genre of comedy, there are numerous subtypes: from the romantic of Capra to the burlesque of Chaplin, through the parodies, the black humor, the absurdity of the Monty Phyton or the sophisticated comedy of Woody Allen. Today we trace a short tour of some of the 11 best comedies and laugh movies in history. Among them, you will find from great masterpieces of Hollywood stardom to national operas full of charm. Let’s go there!

The best comedies and laugh movies in history

With skirts and crazy (1959)laugh movies

One of the masterpieces of Billy Wilder, the director also of films like The Twilight of the Gods or The Apartment. Starring the iconic Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon, and Tony Curtis tells the story of how full Dry Law, two small-time musicians are forced to escape after witnessing a settling of scores between two gangs. To flee persecution they resort to the trick of disguising themselves as women. One of them, Joe, appears to be an impotent manager to conquer the singer, while the other, Jerry, receives the courtship of a famous millionaire.

The dance of the vampires (1967)laugh movies

Undoubtedly, the best parody of vampire movies, mixing a clever plot that combines the genre of comedy and horror. Roman Polanski directs a story in which Dr. Abronsius and his assistant Alfred, travel through Transylvania to confirm the real existence of vampires. When they stop at an inn plagued with garlic, they kidnap the innkeeper’s daughter. And the innkeeper begins to behave in a strange way, the two colleagues decided to go to the castle. It is one of the best laugh movies.

The Young Frankenstein (1974)laugh movies

Directed by Mel Brooks with Gene Wilder, Peter Boyle and Marty Feldman in the cast, it is a delirious parody of Mary Shelley’s classic. today catapulted as a cult ribbon of terror and laughter in equal parts. In this film, Frederick Frankenstein, a young American neurosurgeon, wants to leave behind the stigma that was the monstrous creation of his grandfather, years ago. However, by inheriting the castle of Frankenstein and finding a mysterious scientific manual with guidelines to follow, he begins to create his own monster.

The life of Brian (1979)laugh movies

Who has not sung ” always look on the bright side of life ?” The most famous Monty Phyton movie is a hilarious parody of a particular version of the New Testament, starring Brian. Born on the same day as Jesus Christ and wearing a life parallel to the Son of God but in a decadent version. Pontius Pilate, Mary Magdalene, and other biblical characters dot this collection of delirious gags, star symbol of the absurd humor of their authors. Keep reading- The Most Famous Theater Superstitions

Land as you can (1980)laugh movies

Film critics said at the time that this comedy was the owner of an unpayable gag per minute. Trans American flight 209 leaves Los Angeles for Chicago. But nothing will work out as planned: indigestion, crazed characters, mass hysteria, and kidnappings. Cool humor and imagination in its purest state as an emblem of his time. And that would set the school in the cinema later. It is one of the best laugh movies.

A fish named Wanda (1988)laugh movies

Another of the great jewels of the comedy of the late eighties, directed by Charles Crichton and starring John Cleese, Kevin Kline, and Jamie Lee Curtis. The protagonists are a nefarious gang of robbers whose boss is arrested. Wanda, the only woman in the group, tries to seduce Archie. The defense attorney of the ringleader to elicit the hideout of the booty. Meanwhile, Otto, a sinister psychopath admirer of Nietzsche, and Ken. A stutterer fond of exotic fish also hopes to take a slice and receive their piece of cake.

Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown (1988)laugh movies

The one that for many is one of the masterpieces of Pedro Almodóvar is a colorful, visceral pop. And vertiginous emotions tragicomedy in Madrid de la Movida. Pepa, played by a great Carmen Maura, is a woman who suffers a break with a womanizer who will soon go to collect her things. His house begins to fill, for the sake of comfort and evasion, extravagant characters, broken, crazy and wonderful.

Family (1996)laugh movies

This is the wonderful debut film by Fernando León de Aranoa. For which he received the Goya in 1997 for the best novel direction. It is better not to reveal anything about this acid and intelligent comedy. In which Santiago wakes up waiting for his whole family to congratulate him on his birthday. It is one of the best laugh movies.

Best impossible (1997)laugh movies

Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson), a maniac writer who suffers from an obsessive-compulsive disorder, is a man who is sullen, maniacal and ungrateful, who lives in New York. This film delves into the most amazing events of his daily life. From eating every day in the same cafeteria or proffering homophobic insults to the gay artist who lives in the adjoining apartment. However, everything will change with the arrival of a dog in your life.

The great Lebowski (1998)laugh movies

Twenty years ago saw the light one of the masterpieces of the Coen brothers who, together with Fargo, is one of the most adored cults works by their fans. Its protagonist is the Note (Jeff Bridges), a lazy resident in Los Angeles. Which one day is confused by a couple of thugs with the millionaire Jeff Lebowski.  This will start a surreal succession of actions to find the woman of the real tycoon and make gold.

The Community (2000)laugh movies

The iconic film by Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia, starring Carmen Maura. A mature woman who works in a real estate agency and, by surprise, finds 300 million pesetas hidden in a flat. Facing a hysterical community of neighbors. In a delirious mixture of terror, sarcasm, parody and Aquinas, the seal of its director. It is one of the best laugh movies.

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