4 things that people don’t understand about SEO

Although the search engine optimisation (SEO) landscape is constantly evolving, its fundamentals have remained consistent despite more than two decades of advancement; however, the spread of misinformation has resulted in a distinct lack of understanding of these fundamentals. Here are four misplaced concerns some people have about SEO.

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It is all a trick

SEO is in no way a hoax, artificial or a gimmick. While it may once have been presented to you as a series of ploys to ensure your website outranks your competition, this does not quite communicate the entire picture.

White-hat optimisers are not attempting to out-wit Google’s search algorithm or use deception to secure those top-ranking positions; instead, they are utilising complex techniques to understand which specific features and types of content are most important to both their target audiences and search engines. Applying the knowledge learned from this research usually results in organic and considered improvements and website refinements that are a long way from hacks, spam and short-term artifices.

Only keyword rankings matter

If you sincerely believe that keyword rankings are the only things that really matter, it is perhaps time to reconsider your priorities. Yes, keywords are undoubtedly an important part of every SEO strategy, but there is an array of other key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics that you should measure to determine how successful a campaign has been.

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Google penalties are rife

You have probably heard countless Google penalty horror stories, but severe penalties are only given to sites when webmasters have violated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and employed the egregious techniques and behaviour that professional London SEO services know to avoid. Although temporary drops in ranking and automatic penalties are more common, they are not as severe and can be avoided.

You must keep your budget low

SEO is a largely cost-effective digital strategy, with the potential to consistently deliver a solid return on investment (ROI). This might suggest that spending as little as possible will maximise long-term ROIs and mitigate risk, but the reality is much different. Small SEO budgets simply do not cover the skills and strategic minds of experienced optimisation professionals such as https://www.elevateuk.com/seo-services/.

Instead, it is often better to invest more into higher-quality services provided by professionals who understand how to deliver the kinds of results you need to see.

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