Jewelry Staples

5 Jewelry Staples for Every Woman’s Wardrobe

If you were to ask just about any professional stylist for a tip on something that you can do to dress up an outfit (especially if you are on a budget), one of the things that they are going to highly recommend that you do is accessorize. And one of the most stylish and fun ways to do that is with jewelry.

Jewelry Staples

In fact, one of the absolute best things about choosing jewelry to accent your attire is since you can get some in all price ranges (for as little as $20), you can select a variety of amazing pieces to make your fashion choices stand out.

If the thought of using jewelry to make a fashion forward statement excites you, before heading out to the store, here’s a list of five jewelry staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Earrings. Whether or not your ears are pierced, make sure that you have a few pair of earrings. They are one of the easiest and also most popular ways to accessorize. As far as what kinds to get, although there are countless designs, two styles that are paramount for any woman to have are a pair of gold or silver hoops and also some diamond studs. When it comes to the studs, if you don’t have holes in your ears and you’re wondering how you can pull that look of, there are faux diamond rings that are magnetic. These are ideal for women who don’t have pierced ears. Amazon, Emitations, and The Find are three websites that carry them.

Necklaces. If you would prefer to not wear earrings, you wear your hair down a lot, or you’d like a great way to dress up your T-shirt and jeans or add a bit of elegance to a cocktail dress or formal gown, a necklace is the best way to do it. Long chain necklaces are awesome for more casual looks and are easy to find – whether you’re looking at Forever 21 or Nordstrom. For a dressier occasion, gemstone necklaces that are shorter in length are ideal.

Bracelets. Some things that are a lot of fun to wear are bracelets. Whether they’re gold or silver or wooden or plastic, they come in all sorts of sizes and colors. Plus, they are a simple way to make any outfit pop. If you’re in a rush and you want to know something that you can do to spice up your look, a pair of hoops and a couple of bangles are usually all that you will need.

Watches. One particular kind of jewelry that is just as much of a necessity as it is a jewelry staple is a watch. And while, thanks to the time being on smartphones, there are a lot of people who opt to go without them, it’s still nice to have one or two in your jewelry box: a dressy one and a casual one. A really nice watch can serve as a bit of an investment or family heirloom – one that you can pass down for generations.

Rings. When it comes to getting jewelry for women, if you have body piercings (such as a nose or belly ring), stores like BodySparkle Body Jewelry are great places to shop. However, when you’re looking for another must-have kind of jewelry, don’t forget about rings. They tend to be signature pieces because of the statements that they are able to make. If you’re engaged, you tend to wear an engagement ring. If you’re married, you tend to wear a wedding ring. There are some young women who wear purity or promise rings as well. Yet, no matter what your relationship status may currently be, still pick up some rings to wear. They’re nice to look at, comfortable to wear, and they’re another way to accessorize your outfits beautifully.

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