increasing muscle mass

The 6 best tips for increasing muscle mass

The 6 best tips for increasing muscle mass. You want to build muscles. That’s why you’re here. So let’s cut it short and go to the juice of the matter. Follow these 6 tips on how to increase muscle mass and you’ll be on the road to being stronger, chunky the fastest way there is.

1) Limit your workout to 45 – 60 minutes at most

The hormone response to training is an important consideration. To keep anabolic (muscle-building) high hormones and low catabolic (muscle-destroying) hormones, you need to keep training for less than an hour. If you can not complete your training in this time frame it means that you are resting too much between one series and another. Beyond this, the best results are achieved when mental energies and concentration are at their best. This happens in the first 30 minutes of training. Come, warm up, give us in and go away. It is one of the best tips for increasing muscle mass. Continue reading-5 tips to get well prepared before exercising

2) U know heavyweights and you always do exercises that involve many musclesincreasing muscle mass

Squats, deadlifts, military presses for shoulders, dips, tractions at the bar and pushes for the chest on the bench must be the daily bread of your training. Show me a guy who can make the deadlifts with 225 kg, and I’ll show you a guy with strong, muscular legs, and an incredibly muscular back that does not need any back hyperexpression. Someone who can do 100 kg of the military press will have broad, round shoulders and will not need cables for side lifts. If you can do 150kg of squats for 20 repetitions, your legs will be super stimulated and you will not need to do other unnecessary exercises for the legs like leg extensions. Watch the Worlds Strongest Man Contest on youtube and tell me if you see any gaps in the muscles of those guys. It is one of the best tips for increasing muscle mass.

3) Always keep a training diary and try to get stronger and stronger

increasing muscle mass

Progressive loading (ie using higher and higher weights) is the foundation in training to increase mass. Ignore this principle and you will not go anywhere. If you are doing 100kg of squats right now, you should try using 120kg if not 150 within a year if you want to grow. If you do not keep a diary of your workouts you will never know if you are improving and you will lose sight of the goals you are trying to achieve. Keep in mind that you can not increase the weight at every training session, forever. This is impossible and if you try to do it you will go to injuries. You’ll have a few days off from time to time, so concentrate on how you feel during training and aim for long-term progress. It is one of the best tips for increasing muscle mass.

4) Make changes in the training program every 4 to 8 weeks

You will have to make some changes in your training every now and then to avoid injuries due to the repetitiveness of the exercise or because after a while, if you always do the same things, your body does not react better as at the beginning. But be careful, it must not be a total upheaval, but only some minor changes in the execution of the exercise, the width of the sockets and the number of repetitions. Beginners should make changes less frequently, while those with more experience can make changes every 1 – 3 weeks. It is one of the best tips for increasing muscle mass.

5) Eat like a man

Who complains because he can not put on mass probably wrong in the kitchen. You do not have to raise dishes only in the gym but also at the table … If you’re skinny try to eat more. If you are skinny with a lot of fat you have to be careful and reduce the number of carbohydrates. However, you will need to eat. If you want to put on muscle mass you have to do better than that. Lean people with a lot of fat and those over 35 must focus on protein and healthy fats, reducing carbohydrates. It is not always fun or easy to eat meat, fish, chicken, and eggs but you can do it with pleasure and effortlessly if you engage in cooking. Start and do not find excuses.

6) Sleep 8 hours a night and take a nap during the day if possible

Recover and grow in sleep. Deep sleep increases growth hormone, testosterone levels, lower cortisol levels and improves insulin sensitivity. Without the right amount of sleep, the results would be severely affected. It is one of the best tips for increasing muscle mass. You May Like Also-“”

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