6 infallible tricks to save on the purchase of the super

Spending … it’s going to end! We propose 6 ideas to save on the purchase and take care of the domestic economy.

It is proven: it all happens to us. We left home for the supermarket and return with products that we did not even have in mind, not to mention the economic waste that this entails since most of the time there are totally dispensable passenger cravings.

So if you want to start saving and buying smart, follow these little tricks and become the queen (or king) of food shopping.

1. Forget about the center: look up and downpurchase

One of the most typical strategies of supermarkets is to place the most expensive products in the center of the shelf. Why? Very simple, because it is the first thing that will capture your attention since they are at eye level. For that reason, go a step further and start looking up or down.

2. Make a listpurchase

Basic and totally necessary. It does not matter if you write it down on a piece of paper or on your mobile phone, but do it! In this way you will stick only and exclusively to the products you have targeted and that, probably, will be what you need.

3. Leave hunger at home

Never of the James go to make the purchase with the stomach roaring like the lion of the Meter (and less still without the made list), because you will end up filling the cart with food thought to alleviate your momentary cravings, and not with products that really make you lack. Continue reading- 10 tips to buy a drone and not crash along the way

4. Offers and more offerspurchase

Do as your grandmother and before going out to buy, check out the brochures or the super website to see the most attractive offers. This way you will be able to collect the most consumed products, and they will be much cheaper.

5.Cooler, less packed

As a general rule, fresh products such as fruit or vegetables in bulk are cheaper than packaged foods. You just have to overcome the laziness of getting ready to cook, and that’s it!

5.In season? Yes, please!

Another basic rule to save on the purchase is that you consume seasonal fruits and vegetables, otherwise you will spend a lot of money, and the piece may not taste as good as you expect (a seasonal strawberry is not the same as a greenhouse, right?). Well, that.

6. I think, then I save.

One thing is to take advantage of the offers, and quite another, to fill your house with products that you probably do not need. So when the craving is about to surpass you, take a few seconds to think if you really need it and implement responsible consumption.

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