6 Quick and Easy Ways to Lose Weight

There are many quick and simple ways to lose weight. It’s all about getting into the right type of short effective workout – not the boring thread-mill routine and getting a dose of healthy nutrition with good eating habits.

Below are 9 surefire ways that you lose weight for good-

Quick And simple Ways that you Lose Weight

1. Expect the “up’s and down’s”. Realize that it is not going to be an easy road to success. There will be many tempting goodies that may lead you to the wrong path: cream cakes, donuts, fast foods and so on, littering your path. It is up to you to resist and not give in to these temptations. But if you cave in – eat in moderation and be smart about it!

2. Fat has developed a bad name, yet it is still – in moderate amounts – vital to our diets. Butter, margarine, oil and cream are all fats. Fats are categorized as saturated and unsaturated, with saturated fats – that are usually of creature origin – thought to contribute more to illnesses like coronary artery disease and weight achieve than unsaturated fats, which mostly originated from plants and seafood.

Most take out foods and junk foods are high within fat content. So it is important not to base your entire diet on this type of food. Try to replace the saturated fats with poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fats.

3. Cut down on sugary drinks – it’s one of the leading contributors to weigh gain.

4. Eat more but in controlled portions – stick to the 1 plate rule. Try to get in 6 healthy mini meals a day and avoid that second serve. Rule here is – you need fiber, good carbs and protein in your daily meals. So aim for 2 serves of fruits and 5 serves of veggies every day! And buy organic or wholemeal products – it’s simply good for you. The more you eat these kinds of healthy foods, the less cravings you’ll have.

5. Cook more of your own meals – at least you know what you’re putting into your body!

6. Have a treat once a while – losing weight should be enjoyable. So don’t try to cut out your favorite treat completely, it about enjoying your food in moderation.

7. Don’t shop hungry – Never plan healthy dinner with a newly purchased ingredient afterwards. Why? Because rumbling belly can make everything search well. It can be absolutely no car accident that food markets preserve barbecued birds going circular about spits in delicatessen sections all day – study concurs with that the scent tempts buyers to spend much more.

Similarly, don’t shop when you’re feeling stressed, because you’re more vulnerable to buying treats and comfort foods? Eat an apple or a protein bar before you hit the aisles to help you make more rational choices.

8. Doing the same workout for 2 months will slow your progress because muscles get used to your routine and you stop seeing changes. Switch things up every 4 weeks or by adding more weight,sets or reps. Manipulate loads and volumes during strength and cardio workouts for continuous progress. More time in your discomfort zone equals less time in the gym!

9. As your health and fitness improves, aim to get a bit puffed. If you can find the time to do 20 minutes or more of vigorous activity (jogging, fast cycling, fast swimming, singles tennis, fast rowing, hockey, squash, aerobics) several days a week.

And if you are new to all this, Walk a bit faster, include the hills and steps in your regular routine, gradually increasing the intensity and level of difficulty. Fact is, high variable intensity training like interval training and any kind of stop, start workouts are one of the most effective ways to boost your metabolism. And one of the best workouts that combines high intensity training with resistance training is Turbulence Training – the workouts are short but very effective – and designed for both busy men and women! Apply for your card for more healthy benefits.

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