A Holster Plays an Important Role

When you have to carry a concealed handgun, remember that the right holster is a vital piece of gear and is a potentially life-saving product. A holster that goes between your gun and your body has to be properly designed and fit well. A quality holster must strike a balance between accessibility and concealment but must also be comfortable to wear.

A good holster offers the concealment and must provide unimpeded access to the gun. A poorly designed or ill-fitting holster could lead to discomfort, a compromised draw stroke, and even a possible loss of your gun.

Here are a few examples from trusted brands that are sure to fill the bill regardless of your type of gun and mode of carry.

Hardcore Hip Holster

This features a 2 1/4″ belt tunnel, a 1 1/4″ metal belt clip, and a uniquely designed strap trap that allows adjustment of the thumb breaks. The clip can switch for right-handed or left-handed users.

BLACKHAWK! Black Nylon Holster

This fits 2″-3″ small and medium double-action revolvers. The three-layer ultra-thin nylon laminate provides comfortable next-to-skin hip wear. There is an adjustable retention strap with a smooth nylon lining for an easy draw.


SERPA helped with the establishment of Blackhawk’s reputation as a premier provider of tactical equipment. Made with high-performance engineered thermoplastic, this holster is both durable and lightweight.

A Holster Plays an Important Role

Unique is its Auto Lock feature that engages the trigger guard upon holstering, locking the gun in place. It helps to guard the gun from an assailant but enables drawing by achieving the proper shooting grip. Its waterproof and padded interior gives corrosion resistance to the gun, and the steel belt clip anchors the holster to your belt.

Uncle Mike’s Sidekick® Ambidextrous Holster

The versatile reversible belt loop allows wearing it inside or outside the waistband. It is convertible for right or left handed use. The molded thumb break hook and loop retention strap give retention to open-top holsters with no hindering of your draw stroke. An integral magazine pouch has extra ammunition always at the ready.

Make sure that your handgun is always at your disposal with a great selection of high-quality products from family-owned Hardcore Gun Holsters of Apple Creek, Ohio. Their inventory of handmade concealment holsters includes hip, shoulder, and ankle models as well as concealed carry shirts, and more. Manufacturing is done with the highest quality materials available including a special Tri Laminate fabric.

Choose a holster that is perfect for you.

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