A step beyond networking

We know people who have a heart attack curriculum. Several qualifications and talent to develop their enviable job. But for some reason, they are invisible. What’s wrong? Better preparation impossible.

Networking meetings are not for them, either by shyness or by other circumstances. And without knowing what steps to take, watch as fellow students, people with less training triumph.

Not once but dozens of times, Luis has heard that strange that someone with that preparation does not occupy a better position. Or who has had such long periods as unemployed.

a-step-beyond-networkingWhat these people do not know is that Luis does not have contacts. And much talent shine, if it is hidden is useless, as honor license plates on tests.

The contacts are what make those jobs that are not in any visible job market. Contacts know people who need someone like Luis, but he does not know because his circle of friends is reduced to ten people.

Luis needs to shine

Meanwhile, look astonished how another known more just found not only a good position but also not comply in principle the requirements. Or if? Luis may need a little push and make themselves known, or by the network either in person.

  • Contact the human resources managers of companies that interest us is a first step. By Linkedin, it is simple. And get in touch with professionals in our sector? As well.
  • And on Facebook? Associate that network to friendship, leisure, a place to be relaxed. If we get a person from the previous step is part of our friends, the atmosphere will relax and perhaps confidence draw out faster.
  • Let’s be selective. Are we going to try to get all the contacts that seem interesting? No. What we do with those with whom you are most likely to match in terms of professional interests. And for that, if something should be clear is our personal brand.

That hidden job market exists. It is not fiction. Luis will give a kick to his insecurities and bet on confidence, improved self-esteem and a simple strategy to take you to prove himself to the right people. The complaint or self – pity will not help or the best record in the world.

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