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Mathematics has always been a nightmare for most of the school students. Especially, when Algebra comes into picture, the level of confusion and anxiety among students reaches a completely different level. Algebra is one domain of Mathematics that needs to be cleared conceptually for a greater understanding, as it will form the basis for a number of other subjects in future. Therefore, for parents as well as the teachers, it becomes extremely important to understand the vitality of Algebra for children and their future careers. It is essential that the algebra concepts are worked on and cleared at the initial stages of learning itself.

Serving as a solution to the problem of difficulty in understanding algebra, Byju’s Algebra for class 6 works towards making the subject easy and more comprehendible for the students. The incorporated algebra problems for class 6 are structured in such a manner, so as to give maximum concept clearing to the students. The structure of learning makes it easy for the student to grasp and absorb the concepts deep inside the mind, instead of merely cramming the formulae, without any in depth learning of the subject. Algebra, being a formula based subject, is mostly perceived as a subject with no theoretical base. However, this lies far from the truth. Byjus classes on Algebra for class 6 aim to address the same concern, giving more conceptual knowledge and the logic behind the working of Algebra.

The algebra questions for class 6 are so crafted, so as to increase the complexity level in a progressive manner. This helps the student to take the previous learning along with the new ones. It is important that with the increase in the complexity level of the problem, the student does not give a blind eye to the underlying concepts. Keeping in mind the same concern, Byju designs its curriculum in such a way that it does not overlook the basic motive of learning. The algebra questions for class 6 cover the entire prescribed curriculum under various boards.

The algebra problems for class 6 are set with the apt amount of difficulty that keep the student engaged and interested in the subject. These problems are placed in sync with the course contents being undertaken. The course offered at Byju’s gives the students an open learning atmosphere, encouraging them to break any barriers of hesitation and pour out their questions for a better clarification on the subject. The Byju’s curriculum makes it easy for the students to blend study with learning and fun. The fun learning exercises spark an interest in the minds of students, giving them an internal driving force to learn more and work harder towards understanding this new domain of Mathematics.

Algebra for class 6 at Byju presents a golden opportunity for all parents to give their child a head start to their children in this highly competitive world. The classes are a refreshing break from the conventional teaching methods and give a more comprehendible way to grasping new concepts.

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