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Applying the principles of Feng Shui at Home

Feng Shui principles and rules have to decorate and arrange the elements in each home environment. Let us know to be in tune with good energy.

Feng Shui and its principles

The Feng Shui is an ancient Eastern discipline, in which the shape, composition and arrangement of the elements is studied in an environment.

This is to balance the energies of the people living in the home with natural energy fields to live in harmony, to feel relaxed and therefore more happy and healthy.

Feng Shui tells us to live in a comfortable, simple house, in which there abound unusable parts; the airy, clean and bright space, the necessary presence of water, plants, sun and other principles that make the proper flow of energy.

Let’s see what the rules of Feng Shui are to apply in every room of the home, and how to implement them without major reforms.

The gateway

The front of the house is of paramount importance for Feng Shui. Ideally, the gateway is directed toward the South. If the house is already built, you can place a compass near the door focused in that direction.

They are perfect wooden doors, plants close to that space and bells. You must ensure that the area in front of the door is always clear and clean.

The room

Like the rest of the house, you should strip the room elements are not used. As a rule, never a room must have more than half its space covered by furniture or objects.

The master bedroom

Regarding the bedroom, Feng Shui recommends that the bed be located on the east wall, without touching the wall. You must observe the rafters, with imagination projecting down and take care not to leave any of them between spouses.

There must be objects in pairs, a mirror (if possible round and located at the entrance) and yin and yang combined colors.

The children’s bedroom

The water must be present in every room of the house, even a few hours a day. In some sectors we will place vases of flowers or plants, but in the children’s bedroom this principle can be applied through a fishbowl. Thus, you will look at the advice of Feng Shui and You will provide them a cute little pet.

The kitchen

The kitchenette are ideal kitchens type, or adjacent to the dining room and bounded by a wooden counter. Thus, they will be present in the kitchen and the dining room the four elements: metal (dishes), water (pool), fire (stove), earth (soil and pots), wood (table and benches).

It is important that the pool water to circulate freely, so it is recommended that you use round pools. It is possible, if you have a square pool, you can Do a coating material, rubber or putty (depending on the material of the sink) so we can apply this principle of Feng Shui.

Look for leaks of water or moisture. It is important that the kitchen has windows where possible in front of where we cook.


If there is an en suite bathroom, the door must be checked thereof is always closed. It is advisable to have a plant there wet weather, to neutralize the bad energies that could accumulate. The ideal colors are blue, light blue and green.

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