Benefits of Chinese medicine

Benefits of Chinese medicine – Discover its philosophy and benefits

Chinese medicine is one of the oldest medicinal arts in the world and its ramifications encompass not only China but other Eastern countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Tibet or Korea. Although it is a very extensive topic. And it is advisable to visit a Chinese medical school to study it in depth. In this post, we will know its philosophy and the benefits of Chinese medicine that its different therapies can offer.

The basic philosophy and benefits of Chinese medicine: chi

Chinese medicine has a very clear basic concept, chi, which is nothing other than the energy that runs through our body. Like many other points in Eastern philosophy, chi is based on the balance between positive and negative, often represented by yin and yang. If the balance of chi is correct, our body will enjoy physical, emotional and mental health. Conversely, if the balance of chi is disrupted, the disease will appear.

To diagnose a patient’s state of health, traditional Chinese medicine will take several methods of observation to determine what happens to him. Therefore, it is especially important to observe the patient’s eyes, ears, the sound of the voice. The appearance of the language … even something as simple as engaging in a conversation can give clues about the situation in which it is.

The seven therapeutic techniques of traditional Benefits of Chinese medicine

There are seven great techniques in traditional Chinese medicine that can help fight pain by making the chi flow properly.

1. Therapeutic massagesBenefits of Chinese medicine

Therapeutic massage, for example, is one of the oldest techniques of Chinese medicine. They consist of placing the hands and massaging in a very specific way certain parts of the body to make the chi flow correctly, eliminating the pathogen and stimulating the antipathogen. It is one of the benefits of Chinese medicine.

The therapeutic massages of Chinese medicine stimulate one or other forms in a specific way depending on whether you want to eliminate, disperse, heat, tone, evacuate, perspire or harmonize. Therefore, it is vital that your practice is consumed by a professional.

2. MoxibustionBenefits of Chinese medicine

Moxibustion is a therapy closely linked to acupuncture that involves burning dried leaves of St. John’s wort near the patient’s skin to stimulate Chi and blood flow and then be able to practice acupuncture

Moxibustion, declared by Unesco as the intangible heritage of humanity, is beneficial for colds and to increase longevity. It is also used in many hospitals in China so that babies are not born breech.

3. AcupunctureBenefits of Chinese medicine

Acupuncture is another of the techniques of Chinese medicine. In this case, it is a therapy very expanded by the West, where not only is it not uncommon to find therapists. But where schools and courses of acupuncture also abound.

In acupuncture, the stimulation of certain points and meridians of the body is sought so that the Chi flows again correctly through the use of needles in the skin. It is one of the best benefits of Chinese medicine.

4. The suction cupBenefits of Chinese medicine

The ventosaterapia is another of the ancestral techniques of Chinese medicine. In this therapy, suckers are used with which to focus on a specific point of the human body. With the suction cup, it is intended to locate the Chi and release it.

5. Chinese herbal medicineBenefits of Chinese medicine

The phytotherapy is not another thing that the ingestion of medicinal plants. In Chinese medicine, there are a large number of medicinal plants (and other ingredients from minerals or animals) that can be used to relieve a large number of ailments. Normally the herbs are ground until they are turned into powder and presented as a pill. The herbs that are used in these remedies will depend on the patient’s condition. And the particularities of their yin and yang.

6. DieteticsBenefits of Chinese medicine

Another of the techniques of Chinese medicine is to determine a type of diet for the patient, depending on his ailment and what his Chi needs to get it back in balance.

7. Physical exercisesBenefits of Chinese medicine

Finally, the last great therapeutic technique of Chinese medicine is physical exercise. There are many disciplines that can contribute to better health, for example, tai chi. It is important that the physical disciplines not only consist of physical exercise. But also include meditation to further help the balance between body and mind. It is one of the benefits of Chinese medicine.

In short, traditional Chinese medicine is a very interesting discipline with a multitude of millenarian therapies that can bring great benefits to our body.

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