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The best Bluetooth speaker What should I buy

Luckily, nowadays we can “go with music somewhere else” whenever we want, and the best, without the annoying cables. Of course, before launching the purchase, it is best to listen to some recommendations. Here are a few! we share best Bluetooth speaker in the market.

This is what you have to keep in mind before buying one:

How to choose the best Bluetooth speaker?

There are several features that you have to take into account when finding the perfect speaker to play your favorite playlists.

Connectivitybest Bluetooth speaker

Look closely at the jack input, it has to be 3, 5 mm. With this input, you can connect any cable. Another essential thing is the USB port to play directly. And if you want to be able to do everything, make sure you have the slot for the memory card.

Soundbest Bluetooth speaker

The first thing you should – or should – look for when buying a speaker. If you want to close your eyes and feel almost, almost like at a concert you have to check that you have A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). Or what is the same, the system to transmit audio by Bluetooth? It is the most widespread for wireless connections.

Sizebest Bluetooth speaker

Size does matter. Basically, it is what differentiates a best Bluetooth speaker from a wifi. Always look for one that is compact and that does not weigh too much (if you leave your back you will not be able to dance later).

Internal batterybest Bluetooth speaker

If we want the “rhythm does not stop” we have to buy a speaker with a minimum of 10 hours of autonomy. If they are more, much better. In addition, it is also important to take into account the load time you need to be at 100%.

The waterproof is a plus

If you want to use it outside the home to set up the best party, for example in the garden and you are lucky to have a wonderful tool that will save your life this summer, one of the important features is that it is water resistant.

After the theory, the practice comes

These are the best speakers on the market. Take note:

EU Boom 2best Bluetooth speaker

It is a Bluetooth portable speaker and as a very, very important feature, it is waterproof and is also shock resistant. For those who have better hands, it’s perfect!

We started with its design that is what strikes us at first sight, its striking colors and its 360º speaker that will not go unnoticed, that’s for sure.

It has a 3.5 mm jack connection, hands-free and the Bluetooth range is up to 30 meters, not bad. And one of the things also stands out is the duration of your battery, nothing more and nothing less than 15 hours. It is the best Bluetooth speaker.

It has a great audio quality, and you can control it from iOS apps and also from Android. Keep reading-  Glass in Music

Xiaomi Square Box 2best Bluetooth speaker

This small is the second generation of the popular speaker of the Xiaomi brand. This brand is treading very strong in the market, with mobiles and now also with loudspeakers.

Xiaiomi has a more than spectacular finish, also incorporates buttons to manage the volume that is also very useful if you want to feel the surround sound of your speakers. It is the best Bluetooth speaker.

It has two speakers of 5 W of power, connectivity 4.2 and a battery of 1200 mAh capable of holding up to 10 hours.

And all this for a very low price, within reach of all pockets.

Marshall Kilburnbest Bluetooth speaker

From the famous British manufacturer of amplifiers, and asked by all his fans was born this wonderful speaker. Its finish and the design it has could go perfectly for a design object that will be perfect in the place where you put it.

It is situated on the top of the best speakers. It has a power of 25 W, a frequency range between 62 Hz to 20 kHz. A mini amplifier that will leave you with your mouth open as soon as you give it to play.

If you are looking for a good wireless speaker, and you like to have it at home but the cables do not fit the room, you have found it. This speaker and you will complement each other perfectly.

JBL Flip 4best Bluetooth speaker

A speaker that occupies a little more than one hand, but no matter how small, the sound that comes out of your stereo speakers will make you unable to stop dancing. It is the best Bluetooth speaker.

This has a cylindrical design with a metal grid area and you can also choose the color you like the most. It is water resistant, so if you are near the pool and someone decides to throw a bomb with such bad luck that waterfalls on your speaker you do not have to be scared. All a relief!

You have 14 hours of music secured. Who is aiming to throw a dance?

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