Best Bulk Lollies for Your Lolly Buffet

Gone are the days when there were tens of lolly varieties. The latest trend that has hit the lolly tables and lolly buffets is the colour by range. The lolly industry has become a paradise for all consumers and party planners who used to run around trying to find the right colour combinations for themed parties, bridal showers and wedding settings. A single lolly can now be bought in multiple colour variations that cater to every theme available.

Lolly Buffet

Following are the most popular bulk lollies that can be purchased from anywhere, even online at quite affordable rates, to bring life and colour to your dessert table.

Aniseed Balls
Aniseed balls measure about 1cm in diameter but resemble gobstoppers. Traditionally sold in weights of quarter pounds as bulk lollies online, aniseed balls are round hard balls with a strong aniseed flavour that lasts in the palate for a long time even after dissolving. Aniseed balls come in red, black, maroon and dark brown colours and can be used with lighter colour combinations at a lolly table for attractive display.

Gumballs are available in the largest variety of colours including blues, purples, pinks, reds, yellows and almost every other colour you can imagine. Delighting children and adults since decades, these lollies have a hard sugar candy-coated shell and a chewy gum centre. Get a gumball machine for cheap and place it in the centre of your lolly buffet table, and you will have your guests remembering and talking about it for weeks.

Sixlets are pea-sized lollies that have a chocolate filling. Shaped like balls and extremely delicious, these lollies have been among us since past few generations, and are available in a wide colourful range. These candies can be bought in bulk and are more popular in demand now, being used at every occasion in combination or singularly with other coloured lollies to strike a beautiful display.

Jelly Beans
Jelly beans are made up of sugar, with a soft gelatinous centre and a candied shell covering. Inspired from Middle Eastern Turkish Delights, Jelly beans have taken over the lollies industry with over thirty different flavours and colours. The vast range of jelly bean collection makes sure that there is a flavour for every palate, occasion and ages.

Marshmallows are lollies that have suddenly become extremely popular. These lollies are integrated in almost every dessert table, recipe and occasion. Made a cup of hot chocolate? Pop in some marshmallows. Baked a cake? Cover it with marshmallow based fondant topping. The possibilities for the use of marshmallows are endless.

Because of their rising demand and popularity, marshmallow manufacturers have started catering to different colours and designs of these fluffy sugar candies. The texture of these sugar candies is amazing, melting into your mouth as soon as you pop them in. Marshmallows are now available in the range of almost every pastel colour available to make sure your event goes sweet and smooth.

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