The Best Italian Food Bloggers to Follow

In the past, recipes would be handed down from one generation to the next. Handwritten in notebooks or on sheets of paper, family recipe collections were beloved items to be carefully guarded and often learned by heart. This is a tradition that still happens in that great foodie nation, Italy. The family cook (mostly the mother) still hands down old family recipes to daughters and sons to carry on the great tradition.

You might think that the internet would kill this tradition, but thankfully not. Many current Italian food bloggers are inspired by the legacy given to them and use the internet as a forum for sharing this love of good food with other like-minded foodies.

Here are some top Italian food blogs not to miss:


This is a well-rounded blog with recipes, cooking method breakdowns, instructional videos and wonderful photographs. Written by an Italian living in America, this blog offers a great insight into Italian culture, cuisine and the language. If you feel like a night off from cooking though, why not try a Restaurant Dublin like

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Italian Food Forever

Written by an ex-pat American living in Italy, you’ll discover a ton of recipes, beautiful photography and a highly useful ‘kitchen tips’ section. The kitchen tips cover information like metric conversions, recipe substitutions for items unavailable where you live and a glossary of Italian word meanings to help you along the way.

Over a Tuscan Stove

There is plenty to entertain here, with contributions from a big star in the Italian foodie world – the butcher Dario Cecchini. There’s also plenty of recipes from other regions, including a penchant for Sicilian street food and the author’s life is as interesting as the food!

Emiko Davies

Tuscan cooking is the main focus of this blog as Emiko lived there for a long time. However, she does feature other regional cuisine and her recipes are highly accurate and almost foolproof. She includes a highly useful index of recipes, to make searching for something a doddle.

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Benedetta – Fatto in Casa de Benedetta

For no nonsense, simple to follow recipes using only a few ingredients, Benedetta is amazing. Her videos are easy to watch and follow and her blog includes a translated into English list of ingredients for every recipe she covers. It’s incredible how, using only a few ingredients, she can create a culinary masterpiece that she always enjoys sampling at the end of her videos! Some of the baking ideas are so easy to follow that they’re great for getting children into the kitchen and helping out. One of her delicious sweet treats called Nutellotti only requires some Nutella, some flour and one egg!


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