summer salads

The best summer salads 2018

In the middle of summer, the high temperatures make us prefer to bet on cold dishes and drinks, so summer salads become the best option to deal with the heat. Besides being very easy and quick to process, they admit all those ingredients that you want to add. If you are in full operation bikini and you have run out of ideas for healthy eating without having to invest too much time in the kitchen, pay attention to the proposals

Summer Salads

Following a balanced diet can be much easier than it seems. If a few weeks ago we revealed several recipes for gazpacho and how to make them step by step, this time we want to offer you the many possibilities that summer salads can offer you.

In addition to the classic salad composed only of lettuce and tomato, this dish opens up a wide range of possibilities that you can adapt to your personal tastes. So if you’re getting tired of traditional salads, bet on creating dishes with original and healthy ingredients.

Quinoa saladsummer salads

Quinoa is an ingredient of the most nutritious perfect to incorporate it into many dishes because it has so many properties, you will not want to give it up. Still have not tasted it in a salad? Do not wait any longer, you’ll love it!

The truth is that its use has been widespread in recent years, which has made it much more accessible and can be found in all types of supermarkets.

To make this simple recipe, you must wash the quinoa and let it cook in the same way you do with pasta. Pasta salad

It is one of our favorites and, although it may seem a very unoriginal dish, you can always innovate by adding ingredients of the most particular that combine well with each other, everything is to try! Start by cooking the pasta that you like, let it cool and add a few pieces of avocado, goat cheese, and prawns. Finish by dressing it with a little balsamic vinegar and enjoy a different pasta salad, with very fresh ingredients to cope with the high temperatures.

Chickpea saladsummer salads

For those who want to incorporate legumes into your diet and flee from the stew at this time of year, you can always bet on the chickpea salad. It is a  forceful dish that will give you the energy necessary to face a beach or office day.

Salad with avocadosummer salads

We arrived at one of the star ingredients of recent years. As you may have seen in the best healthy 2018 foods on Instagram, avocados are more fashionable than ever. And it is not for less, because it is a food that, in addition to being the most healthy, is delicious! Its contribution of nutrients, potassium, fiber and fatty acids beneficial for the heart will make you unable to resist to include it in many of your dishes. Try combining it with arugula, or spinach, tomato, and pasta, the result will be a healthy and exquisite salad ideal to take to the office. Keep reading- 5 tips for eating a healthy diet in 2018

Country saladsummer salads

It is one of the most classic recipes of this time of the year. Made from products from the garden, the salad jacket becomes the best option if you do not have too much time to make food. To make it you will need a potato, tomato, pepper, cucumber, onion, etc. although you can also add the ingredients you want in order to enjoy a healthy dish.

Fig saladsummer salads

If you are one of those who like to try and combine different flavors in your dishes, this salad will fascinate you! From the moment you add figs to your salads you will not be able to resist converting this ingredient into the main element of many of your recipes. Try accompanying it with goat cheese and nuts and add everything you can think of, from arugula, tomato, carrot or cucumber, to goat cheese and some nuts. It’s to suck your fingers!

Melon Saladsummer salads

Did you think it was impossible to incorporate a fruit such as melon into a salad? Nothing is further from reality! Although it may be shocking at first, the result cannot be more exquisite. Besides being an ideal aperitif combined with Serrano ham, especially for the summer season, the melon offers many more possibilities. Discover the flavor that gives a salad accompanied by feta cheese and almonds.

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