What Is Block Management And Why Is It Important?

Block Management is a term used to describe the process of organising a group of residential properties and managing them. It can cover aspects like the collection of ground rents and service charges, and it can also cover scheduling routine maintenance and works.

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What’s Covered By Block Management

Block and Estate Management will cover tasks such as cleaning inside the property and outside, including gardening if required. Outside, it might also cover caring for trees and ensuring they don’t grow to pose a risk to the property, either through their branches or through their roots. Painting and decorating will also often be covered, depending on the specifics set out in a contract.

Depending on the arrangement, the contract can also cover emergency works with carefully vetted tradesmen for problems with plumbing or electrics.

Working With Block Management Companies

Taking on Block and Estate Management through Complete Property Group can save a lot of the stress and effort that comes with the management of a property. As a third party, they can be sufficiently involved while also remaining removed enough to be neutral, and they can be a negotiator in any disputes arising between the landlord and tenant.

The amount of involvement of a management company depends on the lease of the individual property, and this is something that can vary dramatically, even between flats in the same building.

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For more advice on how to choose your block management firm, read the advice from Just Do Property.

Take away the hassle of dealing with contractors by taking on a management firm. They work with a list of approved contractors and will arrange all the appointments and subsequent inspections and payment. By conducting the inspections of work and more routine checks as preventative measures, Block Management firms can ease the pressure of making sure everything is up-to-date.

There may well be other services that a Block Management business can offer you as a property owner, such as getting several quotes from different contractors or paying them directly and keeping finances updated.

The right company will be able to share its knowledge and expertise with you so that everything runs more smoothly, and a key part of the role is to stay on top of all the changes in legislation.

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