How to boost your local SEO

Want to boost your local SEO but don’t know how to reach the coveted top spot? You could spend hours adjusting every tiny aspect of your site and still not succeed, so what should you do?

The first thing to do is realise that despite best efforts, nobody really knows with real certainty who will reach the coveted top spots for a given search query, probably not even Google.

There are lots of things you can do to increase your chances but often the results are down to factors completely out of your control. One of the main ranking factors is the user’s location and previous search history.

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Working with the unknown therefore means you must dedicate an appropriate amount of time on it or you could be wasting precious time on something unattainable. Here are some things you can actively do to help your chances of gaining ranking preference in your area:

1.    Develop a good reputation through reviews

Create a reputation through platforms and websites that are relevant to your business. Customers are switched on these days and will seek reviews before using a service or buying a product. Whatever the main platform is for your industry, you need to be on there. To do this, you must be proactive in encouraging your customers to leave a review about their positive experiences. This could be a sign by the door, getting staff to remind customers or email marketing.  

2. Use Social Media

Social media is a cheap and easy way to engage with customers and is almost expected in this current digital age. It’s a useful way to gain new customers from more exposure, make connections and increase your followers. This can be achieved either through paid campaigns or organically. Events, discounts, promotions and information can instantly be shown on customer’s feeds without them having to search for it.  For help with growing your profile online, speak to a Cardiff Website Designer at

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3. Community Connections

These days it’s all too easy for businesses to get tunnel vision when it comes to the internet. Although people do spend a lot of time online, they don’t yet spend their whole lives on it! Connecting with people in a face-to-face format is always beneficial for business. Get involved in community events and be seen. Word of mouth recommendations are still the most effective form of marketing.

Why not sponsor a local event or sports team for example? This will also boost your engagement levels on social media and you’ll have quality content to share.


4. Local Content

Focus your website content on your local community. When thinking about the ‘About Us’ page, be sure to include why your local neighbourhood is integral to your business and any local stories about the origins of your business. Do you use local suppliers or produce? If you have a blog on your site, this can be the perfect place to include greater detail. This content can also be shared on social media.





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