Breaking the glass with a smashing voice

One of my favourite things about being an Opera singer is the look on peoples faces as I hit those high notes. I have to admit that I do also enjoy breaking the odd glass with my voice. There is something satisfying about watching a wine glass crack purely at the power of your voice. Of course, it’s not so great when it is a window in your house that you break.  But for that I am covered as I just give an Emergency Glaziers Leicester company a call and they come and sort it out for me.  One of the options I have found is and the great thing is it’s a 24hr service.

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Now back to my singing. From a young age I can remember spending a lot of time singing in my bedroom. Sometimes to the complete dismay of my parents. Not because my singing was bad but because it was constant. I would sing from the moment I woke up to the moment I went to sleep. In the shower, at school, walking around the shops. To be far there were times when I was probably a bit of an embarrassment to all of those around me. Particularly stood in the queue at the tills in supermarkets. The most random things would spark my desire to sing. Seeing some fruit in the shop would have me singing about my favourite fruit or how to make a smoothie. Oh yes, I didn’t just sing well known songs but would sing about everything that I was doing.

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One particularly memorable moment I was stood in the kitchen watching my mum cooking tea and started singing “I’m having spaghetti Bolognese for my tea” over and over again until my mum began to slowly whimper in the corner of the kitchen. “Why do you have to sing about absolutely everything” she asked. I really didn’t have an answer for that. All I knew was that I needed to sing, and I didn’t care who heard me or what anyone else thought.

Who would have thought that that little girl and her annoying habit of singing everywhere would turn into an opera singer? I now get to live my passion every day. People pay money to come and see me and my fellow artists three nights a week performing at a variety of venues around the UK and next year we will be jetting off to Paris to perform. Oh, how exciting!

So if you have any little ones at home who spend most of their time screeching at the top of their lungs can I suggest you purchase yourself a good set of ear plugs because if my journey is anything to go by it will only get worse!


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