Bullying in the Workplace – What is it and What do you do About it?

Unfortunately, bullying is not something that stops when we leave our school days behind us. It is something that can also sadly be found going on in the workplace and can cause a lot of trauma to the person who is the victim of bullying.

As well as leading to physical and mental health problems, bullying can also lead to performance at work being affected, as the bullying puts pressure on the way that someone behaves, and can lead to them making errors, or being afraid to speak up.

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However, it is something that needs to be dealt with as bullying is not tolerated in the workplace. It takes many different forms, from deliberately offending a person to humiliating them, and can be regular or occasional.

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If you are being bullied at work, even though the thought of dealing with it can be daunting, it really is something that you need to do. Your first port of call should be a manager or HR rep (of course not someone who is bullying you!) and you can bring the situation to their attention as they may be able to sort it out.

The other thing that can happen if this is not resolved is that you hand in your notice – if you have done this due to bullying, then you can get in touch with a professional, for example, contact employment law friend and they will help you to put in a constructive dismissal claim for this.

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