Calculating the amount of drink per person for parties and meetings

When organizing a party or gathering is better calculate the amount of drink per person to meet no surprises.

Calculation of drinks for a party

Are you going to organize a party or meeting and do not know how much alcohol to buy? Your marriage is coming and the amount of alcohol is one of the usual arguments with your partner?

DrinkThese situations are very common for those who are responsible for the difficult task of calculating beverage consumption per person, and a good organization requires an appropriate calculation of quantities, both food and drink. Of course it all depends on the number of members, the weather, the number of women and men, the kind of drinks that you want to consume, etc. Based on some of these variants we offer a guide to take into account when calculating the amount of drink per person for parties and meetings:

In autumn and winter, is calculated per person:

  • Wine: White or red, 250-400 cc.
  • Soda, juice or water: 650 cc.
  • Champagne: 300 cc.

In spring and summer, per person:

Wine: 350-500 cc.
Soda, juice or water 1 liter.
Champagne: 500 cc.

Extra points to consider when calculating the amount and type of drink

  • If a picnic lunch is organized it is possible to suppress the red wine and replace some of the white wine beer. When a table of cheeses and cold cuts is always beer than wine is added.
  • Whiskey served if a measure is calculated but only by multiplying half the number of guests, in an average of 2 liters per 100 guests in the case of a mass event.
  • When the roast is the main meal of the proportion of red wine varies: 50% of red wine (it is the drink to accompany food), 35% of white wine (ideal proportion is advised because most people drink red wine roasts, but women tend to white wine) and 15% of champagne for the toast.

We hope these tips help you calculate the amount of drink for your next meeting or party.

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