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Gift ideas for the man in your life

When it comes to buying gifts for the man in your life, you might find yourself searching for the perfect present. There are a number of different gifts that always go down well. Of course it is important that you think about the likes and the tastes of the individual that you are buying the gift for. Image credit Experience Days – if the man in your life loves to experience new things, or they have always wanted to take part in a racing track…

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Why the Oxford shirt is a menswear must-have

The Oxford shirt never seems to go out of fashion, so let’s take a look at why it is a menswear must-have. Image Credit History Image Credit The Oxford shirt was created in Scotland in the 1800s and named after one of the most famous universities in the world. Four distinctive shirt styles were created at this time; however, the Yale, Harvard and Cambridge designs have not lasted as well as the Oxford. Style The Oxford shirt started as a formal garment but has become…

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makeup for a black dress

How to put on makeup for a black dress

How to put on makeup for a black dress (and shine with your look). If there is a garment that must be yes or yes in our wardrobe, it is the black dress. The darker color of the chromatic range can save us from more than one when we do not really know what to wear. And it has become a must for any woman. Combine a black dress is quite simple because everything depends on the touch you want to give. Complements of bright…

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best perfumes

The 10 best perfumes for men in market

If you like to smell good and transmit sensuality and character these best perfumes are for you. A good perfume has to adapt to the personality of each one, that is why there is a great variety that explores and conquers the new masculine universes. Whether for seducers, night owls, adventurers, ambitious or just to give another impression of yourself, this is our selection of the best perfumes to find the ideal scent.

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Hair Care

How to prevent and combat frizz

Effective tips and tricks to avoid frizz in the hair. Knowing these secrets, the hair will look healthy, shiny, well maintained, and all this without much effort. Secrets to keep hair frizz If you suffer from dry hair or frizzy, it is likely that the frizz is a problem every day. If the hair is dry or damaged it is very important to help you recover control bristling. Use these homemade recipes to eliminate frizz, all-natural, inexpensive and very effective.

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Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

5 Helpful Fashion Tips for Plus-Size Women

Wear lots of black. If you are heavier set and you wear white, you are only going to make yourself look bigger. White clothes will form shadows in places like your belly button and between folds, which will really accentuate your folds, rather than minimizing them. One of the easiest ways to minimize your folds is to wear black. Simply put, black clothes will hide a lot of the lines that are created by your bra and underwear. Visit this content for modern russian clothing. Never…

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What is curling eyelashes?

Curling eyelashes is one of the most exploited cosmetic techniques of our time. It is a simple, effective and suitable methodology for people with long and short alike tabs. Permanent Eyelash: What is and what is it? It is defined as permanent artificial curling technique with temporary results, but extended. Usually related to hair, permanent can be applied on any hair on the body that holds true throughout.

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Gold Jewelry

How to Clean and Maintain Your Gold Jewelry

Keeping your gold jewelry in pristine condition can be a hard task as gold has a tendency to smudge and get dirty over time, even if it is tarnish resistant. If you want to keep your gold in top condition for the longest time possible, you have to keep tending to it and cleaning it. There’s nothing worse than seeing your sparkling investment become a dull shadow of its former self, so be sure to put some time and effort into regularly sprucing up your…

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Style Basics

Style Basics for Moms-to-Be

By the end of your pregnancy, all you want is for your baby to be in your arms rather than in your belly. But once your newborn has entered the world, you’ll find yourself transitioning in a number of ways, most notably where learning to care for an infant is concerned. Of course, in addition to learning to bathe your babe, breastfeed, and change diapers, you’ll also have some bodily transitions to deal with. Certainly you’ll lose a fair bit of weight and girth when…

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