Wearing a Classic Flat Cap

A classic item of clothing for countryside attire is the Irish flat cap like this https://www.shamrockgift.com/mens-clothing/irish-flat-caps The television programme Peaky Blinders made this practical clothing item more popular than ever, and it is an item of clothing that is making its way out of the countryside and into the cities due to its resurgence in popularity.

The classic flat cap has been an enduring item of clothing due to its practicality. The ability to be able to wear it with ease to keep the head warm during the winter months is the appeal, as well as the fact that if you get too warm it can easily be removed and folded up so it can be stored in a pocket.

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A flat cap can be worn with a smart suit nowadays– perfect for a night out or even a day out at the races. The key thing to do is to make sure that you measure before buying one, as the fit of a flat cap is important. A professional is the best person to measure you as they will know how to measure to ensure that you have a cap with the perfect fit.

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Casual dressing is also easy to do with a flat cap. The classic countryside look is both practical and stylish, and if you enjoy countryside pursuits like fishing or clay pigeon shooting, a flat cap is a great accessory when you are spending a lot of time outdoors in the colder months.

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