The Untouchables versus the Mob

In the 1980s, Kevin Costner was one of the most high-profile Hollywood stars. Combine him with an old favourite like Sean Connery and new and upcoming talent in the shape of Andy Garcia and established character actor Charles Martin Smith, and you have a winner on your hands. This was true with the film the Untouchables. It was loosely based on a real Chicago Police unit designed to take down Mobster Al Capone. Capone ran the city of Chicago in all but name. Police and Government officials were all in his pockets, and nothing could be done about it. The honest police knew who he was and what he had done, but no convictions could stick. That was until one of the Untouchables, Accountant Oscar Wallace, made a discovery that could put Capone away, if only for a short time.

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It’s not often that accountants are the heroes, but without them, like Stroud Accountants, such white-collar crimes would never be discovered.

The leader of the Untouchables is Elliot Ness, who Costner plays. He recruits Irish American Jimmy Malone (Connery). After a lifetime in uniform, Malone knows the good cops from the bad and is tired of the corruption in the force. He suggests they bring in George Stone (Garcia), an idealistic young officer straight out of the academy and not yet subject to Capone’s hooks and bribes. Finally, Oscar Wallace is brought in from Washington DC so that he too is immune to Capone’s influences.

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The four men begin to make inroads into disrupting Capone’s operations. It was a time of prohibition when all alcohol was banned from production, sale and consumption in the USA. Capone makes a fortune selling illegal booze in secret on the streets or in hidden bars and clubs known as a Speakeasy.

Wallace makes a breakthrough when he discovers that Capone has not paid a penny in income tax in 2 years. With an in-depth viewing in a court of his finances and the prospect of going to jail on the horizon,  Capone attempts to take out the Untouchables once and for all.

Wallace is ambushed in a hotel lift, which Stone feels responsible for. Then, in a very moving scene, Malone is gunned down. He tells Ness and Stone where Capone’s bookkeeper will be so they can arrest him. With his information, they are able to put Capone away for 11 years.

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