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What Factors Affect Broadband Speed?

Broadband speed varies from town to town and service provider to service provider. Broadband service over cable or fibre optic networks is usually the fastest, but it costs a lot to build. Broadband service providers are investing more in suburban and urban areas because these areas are often densely populated with high levels of disposable income and potential customers. However, rural areas do have some options. Image credit Streaming videos can be affected by latency, which is measured in milliseconds. Streaming videos with high latency…

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How Students Can Benefit From Phone Use in the Classroom

If you’re looking for ways to increase student engagement in class, consider how smartphones can help you. They’re practically ubiquitous, and students already use their phones for different tasks. With a simple switch of the phone’s screen and a web browser, students can search for information quickly and move into lessons. If they don’t own a phone, they may need to share the tool responsibly. Nevertheless, smartphones can also benefit teachers and students alike. If you need to find a Vodafone Store Near Me, go…

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Are Casino Games Free to Play Online?

A majority of beginners to free casino games are looking to either learn the basics of the game or improve their skills. In either case, free games are a perfect environment for practicing strategy and learning how to play complex games. It is recommended that beginners start with simple games, such as the classic slots popular in Las Vegas, and then move up to more complex games requiring more knowledge and skill. However, beginners should not overlook free games entirely because they can be a…

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Construction phases for making aircraft

Aeroplanes and other aircraft are incredibly large constructions. Not only do they need to be big enough to house all the engines and flight equipment, but they also need to carry the passengers and all their luggage. Over the years, more and more elaborate aircraft have been built, and the fact that we can get these large vehicles off the ground and into flight is still something to be inspired by today. Image credit There are several key phases that are undertaken when an aircraft…

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Windows 10

Preparing the computer to install Windows 10

If you are planning to upgrade your operating system, here we show you how to prepare your computer to install Windows 10. Steps to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 The major update of the operating system from Microsoft is available for free to all PC World, however, before making the big move should prepare your computer to install Windows 10.

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POS System Basics for Retail Businesses

If you are a business owner, you cannot afford to underestimate the importance of a solid POS system. Finding the perfect point of sale system for your business will save you time, money, and so much energy on a daily basis, and it will make accounting a breeze. If you are unsure of where to start, here are five POS system basics for retail businesses.

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minimalist phones

5 minimalist phones that will help you with your addiction to smartphones

Metro presents the best minimalist phones that can be found to stop spending so much time ‘stuck’ to your smartphone In the era of mobile internet, most people want to have a smartphone with the best features. However, some want a device that only allows calls and send text messages. Metro presents the best minimalist phones that can be found.

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smart watch for kids

The 10 best smart watch for kids

The smallest of the house can also enjoy their own smart watch for kids like the ones we offer in the following list. Here you will have the opportunity to get the children’s smartwatches of the moment, with all kinds of games and activities and even GPS trackers for parents. If you want to see what we have selected, you just have to keep reading.

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Survive The Summer Heat With These Essential AC Tips

That warm weather is fast approaching and before you know it you’re going to rely a lot more heavily on your air conditioner. When the summer heat hits, you’ll need to be sure everything is running smoothly in order to keep your home nice and cool. This brings up two concerns – rising energy costs and proper air conditioning maintenance. Each one plays an important role in regulating your home’s interior climate as both could have a serious impact on your wallet and the ability…

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