How to choose a wedding date

No sooner will you have slipped the engagement ring on your finger and proudly announced your intention to marry when people will straight away ask ‘When’s the big day?’

Clearly, they imagine that you have all this planned out before you got engaged! Selecting a date for the ‘big day’ is not as easy as it used to be, neither is finding the perfect venue. There’s a lot more choice these days for starters. Here are some handy hints to help you out:

Your Venue Choice

Picking a date goes hand in hand with choosing a venue. You might have a definite date in mind, but if your dream venue isn’t free that day, there’s going to be an element of compromise somewhere. High demand venues get booked up a long time in advance and it might end up being a case of waiting until they can fit you in, especially if you find one that meets your needs on every other aspect of the wedding, such as guest list size and budget. Consider a Wedding Venue in Gloucestershire for a stunning backdrop to your big day.

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Don’t ask for too many opinions

Whilst it’s polite and sensible to ask close family and friends for their opinion on the suggested date, and to make sure they are available – don’t give too much leeway. As long as you have those closest to you free on that date, those who you would be devastated if they couldn’t come, don’t seek feedback from anyone else. Once the date is set, it’s your decision and that’s that. Too much input from many parties will only muddy the waters. Hardly any couple get 100% attendance so don’t sweat it.

Consider the season

Is the time of year important to you? Perhaps you’ve always wanted a winter wedding or an outdoor summer celebration? Knowing what season you prefer will help you to narrow down dates with your venue. Your choice of season will also affect the price. Winter weddings are generally cheaper than spring ang summer, unless you want Christmas Day of course!

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Try to remain flexible and open-minded, after all every season has its disadvantages. Summer can be unbearably hot, winters can cause travel problems, and spring and autumn can be unpredictable.

If you absolutely cannot be flexible on the date for whatever reason, then try to be flexible on almost everything else to make life easier on yourself. For example, if you must have a particular date, you might well have to compromise on your choice of venue and vendors.

Local Events

When you think you have a date in mind, it’s worth double checking that there aren’t any local events on the same day that could cause disruption to your plans. This could be a major sporting event, food festival or summer fayre. Consult an events calendar for your area just for peace of mind. If there is something big on, remember that this could affect vendor availability and transport bookings.

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