How a Cloud-Based Phone System Can Solve Five Real-Life Problems

Everyday business telephone system issues can impact operations efficiency and overall profits. Problems often arise – from losing business as clients are left unsatisfied to spending a fortune on technicians and outdated telephone systems.

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Here are five real-life problems from business owners and how a cloud-based phone system can provide the perfect solution.

1.      Losing Business Due to Dissatisfied Customers

According to recent statistics, British companies are losing up to £11 billion each year from poor customer service.

Communications enhance the customer experience, and your system will need to perform well. Cloud-based systems provide call management software which offers businesses valuable call data as well as providing a wealth of personalised services.

2.      Costly International Calls

If an international call is forwarded to you, it can quickly mount up to a large bill for your business.

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Businesses can avoid these expensive costs by commissioning an international VoIP wholesale provider such as to implement a VoIP solution. VoIP utilises the internet to keep businesses connected and does not use traditional phone lines. Calls can even be forwarded to the nearest employee, providing effective customer service.

3.      Expensive Expansion and Technicians

Managing the cost of growth in your business is a difficult challenge, with maintaining telephone systems a costly expense. Upgrading the system, fixing issues and adding new employees to systems can all add up to large bills.

However, these issues are solved by using a cloud-based phone system. This system offers scalability, with users being added easily as your business grows. Maintenance can also be carried out remotely, avoiding costly call-out charges.

4.      Outdated and Unused Desk Phones

Forwarding landline calls to mobile devices can cost a fortune for small businesses.

By using a cloud-based phone system, calls can be directed automatically to an employee’s smartphone, eliminating the requirement for costly outdated and unused phones at the office.

If your company prefers desk handsets in the office, web-enabled handsets are a far more cost-effective option than traditional models.

5.      Missed Calls and Lost Business

According to statistics, small-to-medium-sized UK businesses lose around £90 million each year from missed calls.

Cloud-based phone systems provide features for missed call reporting, listing the extension numbers and offering opportunities to return the call. A call-management application can save companies invaluable business opportunities.

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