Common Reading Problems and How to Identify Them

Although there are endless books about parenting and what to expect when you have kids, your little tykes do not come with a manual, and they are all different. They have their own personalities and they grow and develop at their own rates. This can leave even the best prepared parents stumped at times. And while you want to assume that your children will eventually overcome any troubles they initially have where reading is concerned, the truth is that they may end up needing extra help because they are dealing with identifiable problems. The earlier you diagnose these issues and begin to address them, the better chance your kids will have of staying at grade level and developing a love of reading, and of learning. Here are just a few common reading problems your kids might face and how you can identify them.

Visual versus Phonetic Reading
Before kids can learn to read, they need to understand that certain sounds are symbolized by certain letters. But there’s more to it than that – they also need to recognize letters and apply the appropriate sounds to them while reading. They must be able to put together sounds in order to make words. And kids need to process the letters they see and the sounds they know in order to turn symbols on a page into recognizable words and sentences. This may need some help breaking down words into letter sounds and combinations before they can really start reading.

Memorization Problems
When practicing reading with your children you might notice that they forget the words they have just learned between pages or even sentences. This can be frustrating for both you and your kids. This issue often has to do with other problems like pronunciation and context. If your child seems to be struggling with certain words, take a time out to look at the word, sound it out properly, and provide some context for reference.

Spelling Problems
It’s not at all uncommon for kids to have problems when it comes to spelling, considering how many rules there are and how often they are broken. Practicing difficult words should help immensely, as will regularly reading a variety of texts to introduce kids to words and help familiarize them with proper spelling.

Resistance to Reading
Some kids can hardly be torn away from their favorite books while others whine and drag their feet when it comes time to buckle down and read. The latter is a sign that your kids are struggling with reading. Whether you make extra time to practice with them or you have them tested to see what kinds of problems they might be facing, it’s important not to brush this off as nothing more than “kids being kids”. Reading is an essential skill and kids that get behind will only continue to fall further behind if they don’t get appropriate help.

Many parents think they can fix reading problems with just a little extra practice. But some issues require professional help. Children that suffer from dyslexia fall into this category. They will require specialized instruction in order to learn to read at the same level as their peers. You can get this from a variety of sources, such as online programs like LearningRX or private tutors, just for example. But when your children are suffering from serious reading problems, you must make sure they get the help they need to overcome them.

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