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Controlling Negative Flying Stars

Learn to control negative Flying stars and their influence, with easy cures and simple changes in your home

How to Neutralize Negative Flying Stars

In life there is no black and white, but endless gray, positive energies that permanently live with neutral and harmful energies. The latter are transported by the negative flying stars in our environments. We should not try to eliminate them or reject them, but the opposite to understand their importance to the natural cycle of life is fulfilled, and learn to neutralize their influence in the spaces.

Home ImproventHere we tell simple Feng Shui cures that proposes to control the influence of negative throwing stars at home.

What are the flying stars?

It’s not about celestial bodies or shooting stars, as is popularly known, but representations of Feng Sui to identify energy (Chi) related to the cardinal points and time.

The eight main directions (north, northeast, east, southeast, south, southwest, west and northwest) express different vibrational states, which are represented graphically by flying stars, which can be positive or negative. Are the influences of the latter that try to neutralize these tips.

What triggers to negative energies?

It is natural that neutral and negative energies in our environments. With the movement of the whole universe, every year and every month, flying stars negative are getting stronger in certain orientations of each space. Google searches the Monthly star chart to see how they are moving at present.

Where you know that negative energy can be more visible, from the location of the flying stars, you should avoid excessive movement, as awake and active. This includes chimes, pendulum clocks, aquariums, even loud music or permanent, as the waves travel through the air and promote this movement. Nor is it to leave these empty seats and no sounds but not to overdo it with their presence, for the energies of negative flying stars fail to greater impact than is absolutely necessary.

Any movement of energies activate the flying stars on these sites. Try to move the bed of your dog or your cat, large plants, and try not to welcome your guests, do paperwork or paperwork, or spending time with your partner precisely in these areas.

Cures for control negative flying stars

Besides avoiding excessive sound and movement in the sites of greatest influence, recalls the basic cures that facilitate the flow of energy through the home. Place small plants or decorative objects on the edges and corners of difficult access, keep closed cabinets or furniture, objects and tries to look the most beneficial for each household sector elements.

Focus on increased use rooms such as bedrooms, living room, kitchen and dining room. Keep these always neat, clean and easy movement sites. Once a day, at least, open windows to allow air circulation and sunlight between: this is essential for improving energy from anywhere.

Another cure for control negative flying stars is keeping the door closed in places where there is water movement, as this carries with positive energies. The bathrooms, laundry and cooking should preferably always be kept in good working order and with the door closed or with coverage for sewer grates, tapas in services or other mechanisms to prevent water leaks.

To invite positive energy to your home, always keep access to housing clean, tidy and decorated. Use the red and gold tones to attract abundance, and violet and green to enhance the energies. Similarly, openings providing free outward, so that the energies moving and can leave your home easily. The important thing is to follow your path to try something impossible, as “block their income.”

Always remember positive and negative always travel together, and prevent access of one automatically rejects the other. That is, seeks to bring all energies, and makes it easier to bring the flying stars negative can move on, leaving your home and leaving behind only happiness and welfare.

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