Cooking with Seawater

Cooking with seawater is highly beneficial to our health because of its content of minerals and nutrients and reduces the use and consumption of common salt.

Historically certain foods, in areas close to the coast, have been preserved with seawater, obtaining very known results as the octopus feira or potatoes “wrinkled” as well as different types of seafood.

FoodIt seems pretty consistent thawing, cleaning or cooking seafood and / or fish using the same water from which the water that is their habitat. Thus the food does not lose its mineral to be present in the same proportions salts; It is a very healthy way to add flavor and improve the nutritional quality of the food.

Advantages of cooking with seawater

Cooking with seawater have distinct advantages over traditional cooking with water:

  • On the one hand the loss of flavor of foods derived from the tap water used for cooking is avoided.
  • Help to enhance the flavor of foods in our meals.
  • Cooking with seawater provides food of high nutritional value due to its high content of calcium, manganese and iodine.
  • No preservatives or colorings of any chemicals.
  • Reduce the use of salt and with it are reduced all the problems that causes, or may cause, our health.

Proportions for cooking with seawater

  • Seafood to 100% seawater.
  • For fish: 80% seawater, 20% fresh water.
  • For vegetables and legumes: 80% seawater, 20% fresh water.
  • Potatoes to 100% seawater.
  • For meat paste and 25% seawater, 75% fresh water.
  • For rice: 20% seawater, 80% fresh water.

Differences between cooking with salt or seawater

As discussed in the previous section one of the many benefits we get from cooking with seawater, is that the use of salt in our kitchen is reduced and with it disappear all its drawbacks.

  • Excess salt causes increase calcium excretion via urine favoring osteoporosis.
  • Because as mentioned in the previous section, is also harmful for those suffering from kidney stones, which as a rule are usually calcium type.
  • Consumption of salted and pickled favors infection of the stomach lining.
  • The salt causes hypertension, and hypertension is the leading cause of stroke and a major myocardial therefore should exercise caution those with cardiovascular problems. A higher the older the risk.
  • Salt consume excessively increases retention.
  • The salt lowers the sensitivity of taste buds, producing habituation and eventually becoming a “drug” for some people who are not able to control their consumption.
  • In large quantities, salt can erode the stomach lining and cause ulcers reaching predisposing to infection and the possible development of gastric tumors.

As you can see the use of sodium chloride (common salt), with which usually cook, has a long list of problems to our health.

Well, that whole list disappears when cooking with sea water as you got enhance the flavor of our food with mineral salts it gives us water and increase the nutritional value of our food, but without any of the drawbacks to our health from the use of salt.

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