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The most dangerous cities and countries in the world

Surely, if we ask you what would you say are the most dangerous cities and countries in the world that you would travel to, you would think of regions like North Korea or Iraq (but there are many more). Do you want to know which are the 12 most insecure localities on the planet that, possibly, you did not know were destinations not recommended for tourists? Attentive to this ranking.

Do you plan to go on vacation but do not know where? If so, you should know the 12 most dangerous countries and cities in the world.

And is that, either for lack of security, armed conflict or terrorist threat, one can end up gambling life in his period of rest.

The most dangerous cities and countries in the world

12.Indiamost dangerous cities

The disparity of classes in India is one of the reasons why there is so much risk of robberies and scams in the country. However, according to John Gobbels, vice president and chief operating officer of Medjet (an international emergency agency), the main reason why India is such an insecure country is a little sanitary precaution. In fact, the most notable risks are air pollution, typhus and food/drink with bacteria that cause infections in humans. India is one of theĀ dangerous cities in the world.

11.Hawaiimost dangerous cities

Although it is one of the favorite destinations for newlyweds, it is also one of the most dangerous places to go due to the Kilauea volcano.

10.Acapulcomost dangerous cities

Traveling to Acapulco is as dangerous as Iran, Syria and North Korea. The reason? It is the town with the highest rate of murders in Mexico due to the number of criminal gangs that reside in the area. ItĀ is one of theĀ dangerous cities in the world.

9.Israel and the Middle Eastmost dangerous cities

The disturbances that surrounded the transfer of the US embassy to Israel are no secret since, although the opening ceremony seemed like a pleasant moment, a few kilometers away the protests did not stop happening. In fact, it is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

8.Brazilmost dangerous cities

“Organized crime is on the street. That’s why you should be especially careful if you decide to leave the most tourist areas, ” explains Goebbels. In addition, health authorities recommend taking care when going to the beach due to water pollution.

7.Island of Borneo (Malaysia)most dangerous cities

This island offers tourists beaches of crystal clear water, incredible forests and the most dazzling wildlife (orangutans and leopards). However, the latest and controversial elections have caused authorities to alert tourists of possible kidnappings. In short, better to avoid it. Keep reading-Ā The 10 Best Trips For 2018 You Must Try

6.Madagascarmost dangerous cities

The crime rates are very high, especially in areas where there is more unemployment. That’s why it’s dangerous to travel there.

5.Cairo (Egypt)most dangerous cities

Cairo is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, mainly for women. If you are going to travel there, we recommend that you do it with a tour operator. CairoĀ is one of theĀ dangerous cities in the world..

4.Philippinesmost dangerous cities

If you travel to the Philippines, it is best to avoid the southern area due to a large number of kidnappings there. If you go to the capital, Manila, we recommend you watch your purse, since it is an area of many robberies.

3.Guatemala City (Guatemala)most dangerous cities

Political tensions, high poverty rates, drug trafficking, the risk of car theft and armed violence are just some of the reasons why it is one of the most dangerous places in the world to travel to. ItĀ is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

2.Russiamost dangerous cities

Although some dream of seeing the colorful castles of St. Petersburg, it is not an especially safe place, although there are quiet areas.

1.Yemenmost dangerous cities

“No place in Yemen is safe,” they explain fromĀ Medje. Their continuous terrorist attacks, as well as robberies, make it an especially dangerous place for tourists.Ā Yemen is one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

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