Why Deep Carpet Cleaning Is Important For Your Health

A dirty carpet in your home can have numerous negative health impacts on you and your family. That’s because carpets can absorb all kinds of dirt, grime, bacteria, germs, and many other contaminants all of which can affect your well-being in different ways.

But when you have Rainier Chem-Dry carpet cleaning give those carpets a professional grade deep cleaning at least once a year you can reduce the effects of the type of potential hazards that can build up, cause any number of ailments, and exacerbate allergic reactions.

To help you better understand what’s at stake by letting your floor coverings gather all of this harmful toxicity, let’s examine the various reasons why deep carpet cleaning is so important for your health. When you read further and discover that what is hiding in your beautiful carpet is rather ugly, you may think twice about neglecting your duties of proper maintenance.

Dust Mites

You may not be able to see them, but a dirty carpet can house hundreds of thousands of these microscopic pests. Besides the fact that your carpet is teeming with tiny organisms (which isn’t something you want in the first place), these miniscule critters leave behind feces and body parts.

When you walk across a carpet filled with these things each step kicks it all up into the air and you can breathe it all in, resulting in allergic reactions. You may think you’ve eliminated all of these dust mites and their detritus with your vacuum but you would be incorrect.

Only a deep cleaning will fully wipe out those dust mites and their feces and body parts so you don’t have to inhale these contaminants into your sinuses and lungs on a daily basis.

Air Quality in Your Home

Those dust mites aren’t the only health hazard that a dirty carpet can release into the air. Your carpet’s fibers are excellent at gathering and collecting all kinds of things that can reduce your home’s air quality and force you to breathe in less than healthy air.

But a clean carpet doesn’t have these contaminants and deep cleaning can be 99% effective at eradicating the hazardous material that can get stuck in the fibers and ground deep down from weeks or months of heavy, consistent foot traffic through your home.

The more contaminated your carpet becomes, the worse it can be on the quality of air in your home. When germs and bacteria get caught up in your carpet, they don’t remain there. They can lift up and get airborne and that can harm your family’s health by causing major respiratory problems.

Lower Immunity

Our immune systems are designed to stave off any illnesses or infections that might do us harm but when you’re living with a a constant source of toxicity it can cause your system to work harder and longer than necessary which can actually make you sick over time.

Your body’s immune system is designed to fight back against harmful contaminants that can cause sickness and disease. But when your carpet is constantly bombarding you system with such toxins, your body’s immune system can work overtime and that can make your more likely to get sick.

Itchy and Irritated Skin

All of the bacteria and allergens that are caught up in the fibers of your carpet can do more harm than just trigger allergies and impact respiratory conditions. Your skin can also get irritated when an open wound comes into contact with a dirty carpet that has toxic irritants residing within the fibers of the material.

If you allow germs and bacteria such as dust mite parts and feces to enter the bloodstream through a fresh cut or scrape in your foot or another body part that touches your soiled fibers, it can cause a serious rash that can become itchy and red.

Sometimes the only cure for this problem is a steady regimen of antibiotics that can fight off any infections that might arise as a result of your dirty carpet touching an open wound.

Bad Smells

Perhaps one of the worst things that can happen when you don’t routinely maintain your carpet is that it can begin to emanate a strong, foul aroma. These smells can linger long after you’ve entered and exited the room in which the offending carpet has been installed.

Ever stop and think about what it is making that carpet smell so bad? You can probably imagine it’s not something you want to be inhaling into your lungs much less make your sense of smell suffer needlessly from one day to the next.

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