Do Dental Crowns Look Natural?

If your teeth aren’t looking their best, getting dental crowns could be a great way to protect your teeth and give you a dazzling new smile. However, even if you’re signed up for the best cosmetic dentistry in Richmond, you probably still have a few questions about dental crowns and what they might mean for oral care. If you’ve seen crowns on older people, you might also have a concern that they won’t look “natural” or that they’ll look like false teeth. However, in recent years, dental crowns have become much more sophisticated. You’ll be able to wear your crowns proudly and have restored confidence in the beauty of your smile once more. If you’re ready to make the leap, here are a few things to know about dental crowns.

Search By Type

Before you decide to get crowns, you should know exactly what your options are. While porcelain crowns are the most commonly-used type, that doesn’t mean you’re not able to choose from a wide variety of materials based on your comfort level and preferred aesthetic. For instance, while porcelain crowns and veneers can look like a stunning set of natural white teeth, you might go for composite crowns, which are less expensive and look just as natural. The thing about crowns is that you’re able to use your own teeth as a model during the process. Using the structure of your teeth, your dentist will create crowns that look like they truly belong in your mouth. While in the past gold crowns were considered the gold standard, today, adults want a more natural-looking smile. That’s why there are so many options available, from porcelain to porcelain-Zirconia to composite materials. Don’t feel like you won’t be able to exercise preference when choosing a crown type: The whole process is up to you.

Use the Right Materials

In the past, fillings were used instead of crowns to repair cracked and damaged teeth. However, since fillings don’t stop a problem from spreading and continuing to cause pain, crowns are deemed preferable these days as a way to keep smiles intact. But when you’re considering what type of crown you’re going for, it’s a good idea to know all your options. While you might want to use a durable metal crown, you still might be turned off by the idea of having a hunk of metal sitting in your jaw. Using porcelain and composite might be preferable if you’re trying to heal front teeth or a tooth that’s more visible. However, there are many reasons for preferring different materials. Since damaged teeth tend to become hubs for bacteria, you need to be sure you’re choosing a strong material that will hold up no matter what. Mouth infections are no joke, and you want to avoid choosing a material that could rust, such as gold or other metals, and create an unclean or dangerous environment in your mouth.

Go for Durability

Your crowns are with you for the long haul. That means that you can’t choose a material that’s too delicate. While composite might be the less expensive option, you should also consider that it’s a less durable option overall. Porcelain is considered to be the gold standard where crowns are concerned, so before you make decisions with only your checkbook in mind, take a moment to consider what might happen if a crown breaks due to strain. That extra emergency trip to the dentist isn’t going to cost you nothing. Even if you want to make a more cost-effective selection, always think about the long-term implications of your choice before you settle on a material. You should also take into account the more “natural” look that a higher-quality ingredient like porcelain will provide. The whole point of getting crowns is to make you feel more confident about your smile. If you end up choosing a material that’s not meant to last, you could end up back at square one after a few years.

Choose the Right Crowns For You

If you’re worried about how your crowns are going to look on you, don’t be. Dentists have been perfecting the art of the crown for decades so that you can reap the benefits of a healthy, totally natural-looking smile. Whether you choose porcelain, metal, or composite caps, your teeth will enjoy better health, and you’ll be able to smile without fear. If you’re not sure about what would work best for your oral health, always be sure to ask your dentist. Ask plenty of questions, and don’t commit to anything until you’re totally ready.


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