Designing The Inside Of The Church

Many catholic churches have beautiful stained glass windows and designs that depict Mary and the even the birth of Christ. The body of the church often has a say in how the building is decorated over time as designs change. A catholic church renovation could include something as simple as new seats or new carpet to something expansive that includes new windows, doors and paintings. The basis of the renovation should be rooted in the traditions and the history of the church, not just to have a new look to keep up with the modern times.

A way that the church can detail stories in the Bible and other books that are important to the people is to paint murals and designs on the walls and even on the ceiling. As the body of the church looks at these images, they can see the beauty that is delivered along with learning about the basis of the religion. Another idea to add color to the church is to place flowers at the ends of the pews or rows of chairs or flowers on the altar. The flowers can be changed for special occasions and holidays as well as with changing seasons. Fake flowers are ideal so that they can be used multiple times, but real flowers should be used for special events in the church where they will only be used for a short time.

The cross is often a symbol of faith for the church no matter the religion. A cross can be placed on a prominent wall in the church, used on flags or designed on windows for all to see from the inside and outside of the building. Banners around the church can give details about the history of the building, the history of the catholic religion and the future ideas for the body of the church. Banners or flags can be displayed on walls with Bible verses and other special phrases that give hope, meaning and life to the building and the people who gather inside. The church can make their own banners and flags or hire an outside company to complete the work.

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