Everything you need to know about air conditioner ducts

Air conditioning ducts are needed to circulate cooled air throughout the home, so it is important to understand their use. Here are the top things you need to know about them:

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If you have a split system for air conditioning, warm air is sucked into the main unit where it is treated and cooled before being blown out again through a blower connected to the ducts. The arrangement of duct tubes ensures that the freshly-cooled air can reach into every part of your home. According to Which?, these are more powerful and effective than single units; in addition, they are cheaper to run.

Ducts are not usually required for split ductless AC systems; instead, the indoor blower units simply cool the air in the rooms in which they are placed.


If your ducts are oversized, they will be wasteful, whilst ducts that are too small won’t be efficient and are likely to create excessive noise. It is particularly important to pay attention to sizing when upgrading from an old system to a new one, as this may require the existing ductwork to be replaced to fit the new specifications.

You will find a range of ductwork parts and accessories at leading suppliers such as https://www.dustspares.co.uk/. They will usually gladly offer telephone advice regarding your ductwork supplies and requirements; however, if you are inexperienced, it would be worth asking for professional advice from a ductwork expert.

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Leaking or faulty ductwork leads to wasted energy and high fuel bills, so make sure that all ducts are insulated and sealed effectively. If you suspect that there may be a leak, don’t try to fix it yourself; instead, call in a qualified expert in the field, who will soon have your system up and running again.


Disconnections, leaks and damage to ductwork are all potential problems. Whether caused by poor fitting techniques or general wear and tear, expert attention is required to restore the system to full function.


Regular annual checks should be part of your ongoing system controls to ensure that your air conditioning operates perfectly, with no leaks or problems. A professional service will check that ducts are correctly sized, properly insulated and in good working order, and that the entire system is in good working order.

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