Feng Shui Tips for Attracting Love

Want to find your perfect match? Put these tips into practice Feng Shui to attract love…

Attract Love with Feng Shui

Have a happy heart is a great way to attract prosperity into your life, and we want to tell these tips from Feng Shui to attract love, and your plans again be two.

RelationshipIt is effective and easy cures that you can do in your home and in your own being, drawing influences from the Star Romance and sensuality.

Preparing home to attract love

Start by cleaning and tidying your home, throwing the broken and giving away what you no longer use, to make room in your environment and permit the circulation of energy, especially in your bedroom and in the sectors that the Bagua map indicated as conducive to the relationships.

The following is prepare yourself to find your other half. Relax, light some candles or incense to your liking, take a long hot bath and concentrate on releasing your negative thoughts. Let them go, do not let the pains and fears of the past influence your present behavior. When you feel more energetic and joy in the heart, put into practice these tips from Feng Shui to attract love, that will give company to your feelings.

Rituals of Feng Shui to attract love

To activate these energies we will focus on the Romance Star, also known as “Peach Blossom”. This energy has a special area of ​​influence for each person, related to his year of birth:

  • If you were born in a year of Goat, Boar or Rabbit, will activate the north of your house.
  • If your birth year was Rooster, Ox and Snake, you should concentrate your efforts on the southern sector of your surroundings.
  • If you were born in years of Tiger, Horse or Dog, these energies will be more active in the eastern sector of your home.
  • For those born in years of rat, monkey or Dragon, the western sector of the house is the right place to activate these cures Feng Shui and attract love.

A prolonged cure involves placing a glass or crystal vase, very clean and clear water, with 9 red roses (or red flowers, but better roses) in the southwest corner of your home, renovating the regularity you need it. This also harmonize your home and give you a sensational perfume.

Focus on the cures that you make in your bedroom, it is a clear representation of the couple who want to attract. Luce pictures, paintings or pictures of romantic scenes, flowers or two elements, representing the couple. Also conventional cures like mandarin ducks and elements that evoke in you loving thoughts.

Feng Shui to attract love advises us not to take pictures of friends or family in the bedroom (this area must be close), nor elements of one or three, but two (including pillows, cushions, paintings and more). Keep your bedroom always clean, tidy, well lit and with a soft and sensual fragrance.

At the entrance to your home, or in the dining room, put a bowl of clean and healthy porcelain with a large handful of peanuts in the shell, which offer your guests and go when you need replenishing.

Finally, do not idealize your partner call you want in your life, for this you would condition and threaten to distract when at last, the rituals of Feng Shui to attract love that person make special touch to your door.

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