How to fix a leaking radiator

Leaking radiators can be annoying and highly damaging. The water leaks can cause damage to carpets, floorboards and walls, so it is important to fix the leaking radiator as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Read on for tips on fixing a radiator quickly and easily.

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Find the Source

The first thing to do when faced with a leaking radiator is to find the source of the leak. To do this, you need to dry the radiator with a towel. It should be easy to find the source of the leak once the radiator is totally dry.

You should check each fixture on the radiator to identify the likely source. The source is most likely to be in one of three places: the radiator body, the bleed point valve or the supplying water pipe.

Leaking Valves

A leaking valve is the easiest radiator problem to fix because it usually occurs when the valve is half open. You normally need to fully close the valve, and the leak should stop. To repair it, you need to drain the system to below the leak and turn off the supply. Undo the union nut and open the bleed valve to let the water drain. Use tape to bind the valve tail and tighten the union valve while opening the bleed and lockshield valves. If you aren’t sure about bleeding a radiator, look online for a handy guide such as this one.

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Leaking Because of Corrosion

Sometimes a radiator will leak because of corrosion. This is often because sludge builds up inside the radiator and corrodes it from the inside; this is called a pinhole leak. It is hard to fix this, but a temporary measure is to add a plastic resin to your feed and expansion tank to stem the flow. Note that this type of sealant shouldn’t be used in a sealed heating system. This is only a temporary solution until you buy a new radiator, such as one of the modern aluminium radiators from stockists such as

If it all this DIY sounds too difficult, you could call in professionals. By using a pro, you can be sure the job is done properly and safely. You also have the peace of mind that you can call them back should anything not go according to plan with your radiator.

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