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These are the foods that help you control your blood glucose levels

If you have diabetes or have detected an insulin resistance, glycemic control or blood sugar levels is key to slow the progression of the disease and prevent complications of diabetes. To achieve this, a good diet is of great importance and therefore. We show you the foods that help you control your blood glucose levels.

In the framework of a balanced diet and other healthy lifestyle habits such as regular exercise, proper rest and a life free of toxic substances, these foods can help you avoid blood glucose spikes:

Foods that help you control your blood glucose levels

Whole grainsblood glucose levels

As we said a few days ago these cereals or the derivatives of whole grains rich in fiber and proteins are key to prevent diabetes. But also a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicates that its intake favors glycemic control, reducing levels of circulating insulin and inflammation markers.

A variety of whole grains such as whole wheat, bran, brown rice, oatmeal or others can be helpful in the usual diet. And with the,m we can make everything from bread or crackers to pancakes, hamburgers, meatballs and more.

Fruits and vegetablesblood glucose levels

Fresh fruits and vegetables are components of the low glycemic index, rich in fiber and low caloric density. But they have also been associated with a better glycemic control in a study published in The Lancet in 2014. Which is why their consumption should always be paramount for those who wish to control or prevent diabetes.

Reaching five daily rations or more should be a goal to achieve with various dishes such as cakes, salads, desserts and many other recipes of vegetables or fruits.

Vegetablesblood glucose levels

The vegetables are foods low glycemic index largely due to its richness in fiber and protein that hinder digestion. Thus being one of the foods that help you get quality carbohydrates diabetes sufferers. Because significantly improve control of glucose levels in the blood as a noted research published in 2012.

We can include legumes dried or pot before rinsing if we do not have much time to cook, using a variety of options: lentils, chickpeas, beans, beans or others in salads, stews or stews, sauteed, hamburgers, meatballs, burritos, tacos, and many others preparations as our imagination allows.

Extra virgin olive oilblood glucose levels

The oil extra virgin olive oil is a food rich in monounsaturated fats that have been linked to improved glycemic control and improved metabolic markers that would delay diabetes complications.

On the other hand, due to its anti-inflammatory effect. It would improve the conditions to achieve adequate glycemic control and, thus, keep the progression of diabetes at bay.

We can include extra virgin olive oil in various dressings, homemade preserves or savory dishes or more elaborate sweets such as a sponge cake.

Nutsblood glucose levels

Studies conducted with pine nuts and almonds have shown improvements in the control of blood glucose levels. Before consumption, because they are ingredients with low glycemic index, rich in fiber and vegetable proteins that satisfy easily.

Included as part of different dishes can reduce the glycemic index of them by adding fiber to them. With several nuts, we can make bars for a healthy snack, salads, snacks and much more. But it has a limit to eat nuts for health.

Cinnamonblood glucose levels

Cinnamon, as well as other herbs and spices, can prevent protein glycation and thus reduce the complications of diabetes. But in addition, a study published in 2012 notes that cinnamon, in particular, improves glycemic control in those with type 2 diabetes.

It reduces the levels of basal glucose, insulin, and glycosylated hemoglobin. Therefore, its consumption is very useful when we seek to achieve a better control of blood glucose levels.

We can include cinnamon in various salty and sweet dishes. Such as an omelet for breakfast, cookies, sponge cakes or even salmon croquettes.

Natural yogurt or fermented milkblood glucose levels

The intake of yogurt, fortified with vitamin D or not, was associated in a study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition for better glycemic control.

Also, probiotics for influencing the intestinal flora would also positively favor the control of blood glucose levels. Hence natural yogurts without added sugar or fermented milk would be useful in these cases.

We can use them as such or make with them a homemade sauce or dressing. A healthy garnish, a cold soup or a light and nutritious dessert.

If you want to control your blood glucose levels. These foods in the framework of a healthy lifestyle can be a great help to achieve it.

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