Giving your health a sporting chance

Taking up a sport is something that can be done at any age. You may not have played sports since leaving school, but you can soon get back on track by brushing up on the techniques and rules.

Even if it is a fair few years since leaving school, you are never too old to learn a new sport or renew your acquaintance with an old one. Many sports can be adapted for your physical ability; for example, the new-ish trend of walking football is suitable for older people and some teams won’t take people aged under 50.

Sport has so many benefits, both mentally and physically. In addition to the obvious benefits to your health, playing a sport increases your social skills, as you learn to play as a team, and your mental health, as you learn new rules and tactics.

Have you thought about becoming a sports coach?

If you are passionate about sport, you may want to take up coaching. You can get into coaching at your local club or sports centre. If this isn’t possible, you could set up a team at work.

A study conducted by the Social Issues Research Centre showed that 47% of women and 40% of men said sporting success made them more productive at work. For this reason your employer should be pleased if you set up a sports team or competition.

If you are the coach, the important thing is to keep your team motivated and challenged; however, it is not just about the winning.

Kids Health asked youngsters what they thought made a good coach. Most said that it wasn’t about winning; instead, it was about giving everyone a chance to play and learning new skills.

How to keep motivating your team

It is also important for a coach to keep learning and developing. You could study for a qualification or take part in workshops, where you will meet other coaches and you can swap ideas. Alternatively you can learn online from a company such as, which offers training plans and advice.

You can try field hockey drills, for example, such as creating forward passes, or use different formations to strengthen your team.

By continuously developing your skills as a coach, you will continue to motivate and strengthen your team.

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