Great Wedding Hair Ideas for Guests to Try

Everyone loves a good wedding, and it’s a great opportunity to dress up and look your best, whether you’ll be attending a glamorous evening affair at a hotel or a low-key garden party with an informal dress code.

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Start with the Dress

Start by checking what the dress code is before you take a pick of the best wedding guest dresses from your wardrobe, or treat yourself to something new. Of course, a dress might not be your scene at all, and you might fancy a jumpsuit or even trousers, but dresses do tend to be a hot favourite for a wedding wardrobe. From mini dresses in trendy pastels through to a colour-pop maxi or an embellished midi, you’ll be spoilt for choice with ways to look great.

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Plan Ahead for Hair

But what about your hair? Sometimes the easiest starting point is to try on the outfit that you plan to wear and to think about your hairstyle in advance. After all, you don’t want to be panicking about it on the morning and have no plan!


What is the theme of the wedding? If it is stylish and elegant with a heavy emphasis on the traditional, then a classic up-do could be superb. Why not try a French plait or a chignon? If you are wearing a vintage or retro dress, then choose a hairstyle that completes the theme. For example, a flowing boho maxi dress looks great with relaxed beach-style waves. A 60s-style shift just begs for a beehive with a velvet band or a sparkling hairclip and plenty of heavy eyeliner.

If your hair is shorter, then why not style it with waves, wax for a choppy look or even try some crimping? Curls also look very romantic.

Ready to get prepared? Then choose your hairstyle now and buy in any styling tools that you need before doing a practice run. Take your pick of the best outfits and visit AX Paris for wedding guest dresses, then check your shoes and accessories so that you have everything ready on the big day.

Plan ahead and choose a beautiful style and it won’t just be the bride looking beautiful on the big day – you’ll be radiant in all of those wedding pics too!

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