Groupon’s New Service for Restaurant Marketing

Marketing for businesses that rely on local business customers had few options in the 20th century. You could be in the local Yellow Pages, or buy an ad in the local newspaper or have a local TV ad made. The Internet has revolutionized business, but also made advertising more challenging for small businesses and restaurants. It’s quite a dilemma. National level marketing often wastes money on reaching the eyes of people that may never even visit your town. Social Media pages, like Facebook or Twitter, are really only effective for people who are existing customers. Local television advertising is even becoming less effective, because of services such as Amazon and Netflix. “Cable Cutting” often deprives people of local network television. 

Being a little dot on a mapping program is not effective because it does nothing to describe your offerings or personality of your place. Thankfully, in this quickly evolving internet age, there is help for the restructure. It is a new service, specially tailored to the needs of restaurants, that can bring in large amounts of new business, which you can then turn into repeat customers. It is the new local directory feature of and their GrouponWorks service.

You may have heard of, or even used Groupon deals in the past, but the company is rapidly expanding to offer new services. One of the most exciting is the local business pages section. For example, say someone is on a trip and they are visiting Denver and have a craving for Asian or Japanese food. By visiting the local section for Denver they can find restaurants and filter their results by type of food, price point or even neighborhoods or suburbs. They can even use the location services on their smartphones to show them places in close proximity. Say they arrive at the listing of Asian food restaurants in town, they may run upon a page that catches their eye such as Wasabi Sushi Bar. Upon visiting their dedicated page, they will be greeted with high-resolution photos, deals, reviews a map and driving directions and information about the restaurant. In their case, they have a well-produced video about the high quality authentic Japanese food they serve and their specialty of sushi.  The customer has found exactly the kind of food they want, where they want it and when they are ready to make a buying decision. It is the perfect way to advertise a restaurant and is extremely cost-effective.

Many thousands of restaurants in the US and Canada have already signed up for their own dedicated pages and there are more new ones daily.  Their program GrouponWorks provides restaurants a wide variety of tools to manage and track the effectiveness of ad campaigns, all in an easy to use interface. They also show their dedication to their restaurant customers success, by providing them with expert advice, articles and other and resources to help their businesses thrive in this modern marketing world. Visit their site and talk to an advisor and see what they can do for you today.

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