How Addressing Contingencies in Travel

Nobody likes to think about it, however, we need to know how to deal with unforeseen events that often occur during a trip. Here we analyze the most common and how to deal with them.

How To act against Contingencies for a Trip

When we say “you must learn to cope with unexpected on a trip, “we always imagined having a serious accident on the road or in the mountains. But not necessarily be so, since there are other situations that could be classified as unexpected and worth knowing how to act.

TravelPerhaps many people do not want to read about it to “avoid attracting bad vibes,” or something similar. The same applies to airplanes with instructions on how to put the oxygen mask. The truth is that in this way, at least, will be a little more prepared for contingencies that may occur during vacations or trips. By knowing how to act in an emergency we are not calling for it to happen. So it’s always good to learn how to challenge some unforeseen during a trip.

Contingencies that may occur during a trip

The truth is that many episodes that can happen to us on a journey, however, the most common are the following emergencies:

Losing documents or passport

It is known that if you have the proper documentation will not be able to travel or leave the frontier. The process is cumbersome because you have to go to an embassy in your country, for example, in addition to the police report. Also, before you leave home do not hesitate to take a photo or scan your document (some choose to carry a photocopy and leave the original in the hotel). This does not serve to travel, but if to prove your identity.

Being assaulted or suffer a robbery on a trip

While some sites do not accept the use of credit cards (or less frequent use), do not go down the street with a large sum of cash, much less carry everything you have with you. If you keep some balance in an account, you can go to an ATM and continue your way.

Another option is to “spread” the money in different places, such as backpack, purse, socks, belts, etc. If you steal everything you have, you can ask a relative or friend to make a bank transfer, for example.

Contingencies rentals: Losing a flight

Airport staff are used to dealing with such emergencies on a trip . It may be because you figured wrong time to arrive, you fell more hours scouring or because the previous flight was delayed. In all cases you will find a solution. Some of them will come out more expensive than others, but there is nothing that remains unanswered. At best, you must wait for the next service with available seats.

In the event that was not your fault miss the flight, the airline must repay, either with another ticket, stay in a hotel, transfer to another plane, etc. Here is a complete guide to know how to act when they cancel a flight

Not having to stay

Maybe you come to a city in the middle of the night or changed your itinerary without having anything organized. This could also be encompassed within the contingency of a trip. You not at all sites to find you arribes staying availability nor receive tourist hotels at 3 in the morning. If you do not bring a sleeping bag to lend anywhere (such as the airport or train terminal), you have different options to overcome this situation.

One of them is to search online listing with hospitality in the place that you come across. Another option is to consult the office nearest tourist information, that although they are not open at night, you can expect in the morning and find data there. If this does not work, ask people who live or work nearby. You may find “a kind soul” who is willing to give accommodation for the night (and even save you money in one room)

Unforeseen travel: Diseases and accidents

When we speak of diseases as unforeseen travel , we are not talking about a flu or a stomach ache because you ate more something you’re not used to. To be included within emergencies on a trip has to be a severe illness or grave. Prevention is always better than cure, as the popular saying.

No matter how healthy you are in your house, when you go to a different country, everything changes. A renal colic, a dislocation, the break of a bone, a bite of a poisonous insect, high pressure, altitude sickness, cholera, malaria, stomach infection, gastroenteritis, etc. If you are unsure of the origin of a meal, for example, do not consume. The same goes for water.

In the case of accidents during the holidays, you can prevent choosing quieter activities and being more careful. Please consult locals and prevent certain issues (bites, temperature, etc.) and have good health insurance, plus you gain when traveling, which you use in your country (many have coverage on the outside with an additional payment).

Losing your luggage

It is one of the fears of all travelers. Not that I leave on a bench forgotten subway station (although it can happen), but for this to happen unexpected on a trip you need other actors.

For example, thieves or employees who are wrong. Of course, because the loss of luggage usually happens when we stolen or when an airline or shipping company puts in the wrong place. For the first case, you should try to pay more attention to your belongings, do not lose sight for a moment. For the second, demand compensation, which although not the same since much of what you missed had sentimental value, at least you’ll have money to buy new clothes.

With these tips, you will not have problems confront unexpected on a trip.

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