How to Apologize to the Family

In every relationship errors or mistakes are made. To move forward we must know apologize and forgive as appropriate.

How to apologize to you couple

A key fundamental to achieving a dating relationship or marriage healthy and successful is learning to apologize and ask for forgiveness, to say “sorry”. But beware, that repentance to apologize must be sincere, heartfelt, and not a mere justification or the simple pronouncement of the magic word, “excuse me” or “sorry” as a repetitive and empty formula to get away from the situation.

FamilyFeel sincere apologies, means admitting that we were wrong and that we responsible for the mistake, and above all, recognize the need for change on our part not to happen again, we have done wrong and do not want to repeat.

Obviously, this attitude, certainly very correct, should not only from one member of the couple, but also on the other hand, if it was that part which had had the error.

If the apology is made in a sarcastic, aggressive or laughing language, the same result implausible and therefore ineffective in its ultimate goal, indeed, may even aggravate the situation.

Apologize after discussing

Apologizing after an argument is not a universal solution, not anger magically disappears, but the word is one of the ways to communicate that humanity has, and the words that are said when asked for an apology makes sense to those who speak and who hears them, especially if they are accompanied by a genuine feeling of regret and respect towards the other.

Now, apologize when it becomes somewhat repetitive, it loses its true meaning and we start to believe that the person does not want to change reality. In that case, we should pose the problem from another point of view and capable appropriate, seek professional help.

Asking forgiveness should not affect your self-esteem

Many couples think they apologize and admit the fact of being wrong, it’s like acting against self-esteem and image that others have of us own.

Nothing is wrong, a person who is able to accept their mistakes and strive to correct it or overcome, in both word and deed, showing a person who wants to actively improve their relationship.

Knowing how to forgive is also important

When one party takes the decision to apologize sincerely, the other must be able to forgive. In order to forgive, we must take the place of another and understand that just as one is hard to forgive, the other also costs apologize and no follow reproaching.

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