How to Choose and Apply Eyeliner

Learn some tips for choosing and using the perfect eye liner, and always look wonderful all season.

How to Choose and Apply Eyeliner

By day, at night, in winter and in summer you must learn to choose and apply the eyeliner for eyes perfect for your skin type, the color of your eyes and the kind of makeup you’ll make.

FashionHere we tell you what to consider when choosing the perfect eyeliner. Pay attention and notes, to be always splendid with “frames of your soul” your eyes.

Tips for choosing the perfect eyeliner

Many women around the world use as makeup shade only, eyeliner and mascara (mascara, mascara). Is that part of the face that should never be without makeup are the eyes. When your eyes are embellished with these products often do not need anything else. On the other hand, if your eyes are not perfectly delineated and makeup, all the rest of makeup (including your image in general) may decline dramatically.

Although many makeups need cold weather to stay in better condition, the eyeliner should have some heat to maintain a fluid and paint evenly . Whether brush, pencil or type you have, you can keep it in a cool place with the rest of your makeup, but when used, try warm blowing it with hair dryer or leaving it in a warm place for about 20 30 minutes before.

Be careful not to let it get too hot, as this may alter the composition of the product. In addition, heat pencils in particular ensures you rounded tips that will not damage your eyes.

The perfect eyeliner should be integrated into your skin, do not pretend a line made ​​with a ruler to measure. Most commercial products have a small sponge dressed in packaging. If your eyeliner does not have it, use a regular sponge applicator or even your dark shadows to fumarole and integrate the rest of the makeup.

Keys to apply eyeliner

If you use liquid eyeliner or brush, you should paint before with pencil on a thin line for a perfect eye delineated. Mark with pencil is much easier, and lay a guide that will facilitate the application of the liquid product.

A great tip is to use mascara and eyeliner when you have the right tone : swabbed from as close as you can to the base of the lashes, making small movements to paint the skin over the lower and upper eyelid without touching the tear.

For convenience, we usually start from the nearest tear part, but the correct way to apply eyeliner is to start from the nearest part of the temple, and then revise or extend the application as the style of your makeup so requests .

Do not expect the big event to use a perfect eyeliner like you were professional: the products in gel and liquid, and even pencils, are often difficult to implement. Practice with different styles to become familiar with each technique, and the day of the big event can do so easily.

Use accessories and plastic elements as a guide to achieve different types of eyeliner.

With these simple tips and you can choose and use the best eyeliner for you to achieve a stunning look round and in any occasion.

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