How to Clean Your Energy

Learn how to clean your energies to live with greater happiness and well-being through various simple methods that you can practice at home

The bathroom, also give us health, is a good technique to clean energies

How to Clean Your Home Energy

Knowing how to clean your energy is almost a necessity for those living in busy cities, accelerated and fully contaminated. Although we are dedicated to meditate, to bring a smile on your face and keep a positive mindset, we are surrounded by harmful electromagnetic waves, breathing toxic air and feeding of industrial products. So clear the energies of our body is the weapon that will enable us to fight the battle every day to recover well after each day.

HealthHow to clean your aura

We understand the aura as an energy field that is within and around each be composed of several individual layers for each. Some explain it as the expression of our etheric, energetic, so be susceptible to contamination as our body is the negative influences of the environment.

The aura is also influenced by our own actions and thoughts negative. The stress, the anguish, the usual contempt we make about ourselves and to the fears we have as a result of our daily lives, are potential enemies of the welfare of our energies. Therefore it is essential to know how to clean energy at home, to do it daily, if necessary, and end each day in perfect communication with the whole, with strong and bright energy.

To know that physical health is imperative to maintain proper personal hygiene; we need to clean our mind of negative thoughts and remove behaviors; and to clean the aura need to do the same. You can do this by keeping an optimistic and positive frame of mind, and performing simple activities that are geared to the welfare and harmony with the Universe.

Practice yoga, meditate, sing and dance, make alternative and conventional therapies (from the psychotherapy couch to aromatherapy, what better do you feel), uses crystals, technical practice of various breathing, do what needed to shake off negative energy and the internal and external contamination.

Clean your energy without polluting

These days it is virtually impossible to remove all contaminants in our lives in order to clear our energies appropriately. Poor farming practices are left with very few truly healthy choices when it comes to our food, our poor body has fallen prey to antibiotics and vaccines that are affected (for good) with many new threats that make us sick, even the air we breathe and the sun bathes your skin with its dark and damaging side.

But you can do some simple techniques to help your being ethereal balance. Reconnects with nature (even cater for pots and small plants on your balcony), try to walk around and stretch the mind sunbathing when possible and appropriate, taking hot baths and try to avoid anything that affects your energy, as chemical-laden processed foods, refined sugar, caffeine, alcohol excessively and others. Living healthy is a choice, which you must devote attention.

Hot bath to clean energies

The bathroom, also give us health, is a good technique to clean energy. Wet your body and relax under warm water, enjoying every second. Take a loofah or natural bristle brush and move every part of your body towards the floor and down, as if you were removing sand from your body after a day at the beach. As you do, repeat in your mind that you are releasing your aura of bad energy, you’re taking off the negative, as if the dust of the gentle rocking on a picnic.

You can also take baths, even after a quick shower, to re-energize your body. Add the water bath Sea salt, olive oil, essences or natural flowers, and a splash of apple cider vinegar to unleash aggression in your body, your mind and your aura. This simple bathroom which can be done once or twice a week is great for cleaning your energies in a simple way, just concentrating on your welfare and happiness.

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